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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Rationalizing administrative law on the revocation of development permissionsAquilina, Kevin
2013Recalling a dissolved parliamentAquilina, Kevin
2005Recent Broadcasting Authority / Commissioner for Children : commissioned studies on children’s programmesAquilina, Kevin
2013Red card system for MPsAquilina, Kevin
2012Reforming the fourth estateDebono, James; Aquilina, Kevin
2023Reforming the secret stateAquilina, Kevin
2003Registrar of Courts' duties vis-a-vis the judiciary : some conflicting interpretationsAquilina, Kevin
2007Regulation of gambling spot advertisements : the Maltese experienceAquilina, Kevin
2016The relations between states and local authorities in the context of development planning in MaltaAquilina, Kevin; Calleja Ragonesi, Isabelle
1998The relevance of UNCED to a guardian for future generationsAquilina, Kevin
2010Remedies under Maltese law for wrongful state action in breach of EU law : a case of crying over spilt milk?Aquilina, Kevin
2014Repeals DayAquilina, Kevin
2011Rethinking Maltese legal hybridity : a chimeric illusion or a healthy grafted European law mixture?Aquilina, Kevin
2023Rethinking standards in public lifeAquilina, Kevin
2023Rewriting George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' the Maltese wayAquilina, Kevin
2005The right against self incrimination under Maltese Law with particular reference to the official secrets actAquilina, Kevin
2014The right to a public trial under Maltese criminal law : an analysis from a comparative and human rights angleAquilina, Kevin
2023Right to good administrationAquilina, Kevin
2009The right to legal advice during police detentionAquilina, Kevin
2003The role of the broadcasting regulator in the era of convergenceAquilina, Kevin