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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Safeguarding the public interest in broadcastingAquilina, Kevin
2023The scourge of Maltese politics - political partiesAquilina, Kevin
2024Sir Arturo Mercieca : the number one judge of the last century [Book review]Aquilina, Kevin
2007The social responsibility of European Union institutions : the case of television regulationAquilina, Kevin
2023Spring hunting and the misrule of lawAquilina, Kevin
2006Spying in British Malta in the 1930sAquilina, Kevin
2017-03-04Squaring the circleAquilina, Kevin
2023Standards commissioner appointment : a farceAquilina, Kevin
2019The state advocate bill no. 83 of 2019 : acting in breach of Malta’s international obligationsAquilina, Kevin
2013A study of section 3 of the Maltese Official Secrets Act, its Canadian and British counterparts and its effects on freedom of expressionAquilina, Kevin
2018The suprema lex of Malta : a forgotten law in legislative drafting, statutory interpretation and law making?Aquilina, Kevin
2012The supremacy of the Constitution of Malta : fact or fiction?Aquilina, Kevin
2023Supremacy of the constitution or of EU Law?Aquilina, Kevin
2011-07Symposium on the jurisprudence of the family : parenting and the influence of cultureAquilina, Kevin
2021Technology law’s link to constitutional law : a public law perspectiveAquilina, Kevin
2023The thorny issue of administrative offencesAquilina, Kevin
2007Transposition & implementation of the television without frontiers directive : the Maltese experienceAquilina, Kevin
2008Transposition and implementation of the television without frontiers directive : the Maltese experience - part IIAquilina, Kevin
1988Treason and sedition in Maltese LawAquilina, Kevin
2021-03Undermining the constitutionAquilina, Kevin; Bencini, Austin; Bonello, Giovanni; Borg, Tonio