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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016E-literatureCallus, Ivan; Aquilina, Mario
2018Echoing as self-fashioning in the essay : Hazlitt’s quoting and misquoting of ShakespeareAquilina, Mario
2022The Edinburgh companion to the essayAquilina, Mario; Cowser Jr, Bob; Wallack, Nicole B.
2017Electronic literatureAquilina, Mario
2017Electronic literature and the poetics of contiguityAquilina, Mario
2021The essay at the limits : poetics, politics and formAquilina, Mario
2014The event of style in literatureAquilina, Mario
2015The event of style in Shakespeare’s SonnetsAquilina, Mario; Kamuf, Peggy
2023Everything and nothing - the question of politics in Shakespeare’s works and why it mattersAquilina, Mario
2015-12'Everything and nothing' : Shakespeare in BlanchotAquilina, Mario; Ionescu, Arleen
2023Guest editor's introduction : the time of the essay, today [CounterText, 9(3)]Aquilina, Mario
2021Introduction : thinking the essay at the limitsAquilina, Mario
2022Introduction [The Edinburgh companion to the Essay]Aquilina, Mario; Cowser Jr, Bob; Wallack, Nicole B.
2014-06‘Is that my score?’ : between literature and digital gamesAquilina, Mario
2011-12“Let me (not) read you” : countersigning Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116Aquilina, Mario; Milesi, Laurent
2019Literary studies goes big dataAquilina, Mario
2017Los estudios literarios a lo grandeAquilina, Mario
2019A lover’s discourse in Liber AmorisAquilina, Mario
2016My 100 word idea to change Malta : think critically, think MaltaAquilina, Mario
2022“Never to be yourself and yet always” : Woolf, Hazlitt and Style in the essay formAquilina, Mario