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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01On the behaviour of bi-material strips when subjected to changes in external hydrostatic pressureGatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Grima, Joseph N.
2011-01On the effect of heat and solvent exposure on the microstructure properties of auxetic foams : a preliminary studyGatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Manicaro, Elaine; Chetcuti, Elaine; Grima, Joseph N.
2008On the mechanical properties and auxetic potential of various organic networked polymersGrima, Joseph N.; Attard, Daphne; Cassar, Richard N.; Farrugia, Luke; Trapani, Lara; Gatt, Ruben
2013-10On the mechanical properties of centro-symmetric honeycombs with T-shaped jointsCauchi, Reuben; Attard, Daphne; Grima, Joseph N.
2009-09On the properties of auxetic rotating stretching squaresAttard, Daphne; Manicaro, Elaine; Gatt, Ruben; Grima, Joseph N.
2014-02On the properties of real finite-sized planar and tubular stent-like auxetic structuresGatt, Ruben; Caruana-Gauci, Roberto; Attard, Daphne; Casha, Aaron; Wolak, Wiktor; Dudek, Krzysztof; Mizzi, Luke; Grima, Joseph N.
2008-10On the role of rotating tetrahedra for generating auxetic behavior in NAT and related systemsGrima, Joseph N.; Zammit, Victor; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Caruana, Christian; Chircop Bray, Trevor Giles
2014-02On the suitability of hexagonal honeycombs as stent geometriesMizzi, Luke; Attard, Daphne; Casha, Aaron; Grima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben
2013-10A realistic generic model for anti-tetrachiral systemsGatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Farrugia, Pierre-Sandre; Azzopardi, Keith M.; Mizzi, Luke; Brincat, Jean-Pierre; Grima, Joseph N.
2011Recent developments in materials and structures exhibiting negative behaviourGrima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Casha, Aaron; Cauchi, Reuben; Zerafa, Christine; Caruana-Gauci, R.; Ellul, B.; Buttigieg, A.; Camilleri, M.; Zammit, M.; Manicaro, E.; Chetcuti, E.
2015-02Tailoring graphene to achieve negative Poisson's ratio propertiesGrima, Joseph N.; Winczewski, Szymon; Mizzi, Luke; Grech, Michael C.; Cauchi, Reuben; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof W.; Rybicki, Jaroslaw
2012-10Three-dimensional cellular structures with negative Poisson's ratio and negative compressibility propertiesGrima, Joseph N.; Caruana-Gauci, Roberto; Attard, Daphne; Gatt, Ruben
2012-07A three-dimensional rotating rigid units network exhibiting negative Poisson's ratiosAttard, Daphne; Grima, Joseph N.
2008-11Truss-type systems exhibiting negative compressibilityGrima, Joseph N.; Attard, Daphne; Gatt, Ruben
2016Unimode metamaterials exhibiting negative linear compressibility and negative thermal expansionDudek, Krzysztof; Attard, Daphne; Caruana-Gauci, Roberto; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof W.; Grima, Joseph N.