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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Imposex as a biomonitoring tool for marine pollution by tributyltin : some further observationsAxiak, Victor; Micallef, Diane; Muscat, Joanne; Vella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, Bernardette
1995Imposex in Hexaplex trunculus (Gastropoda : Muricidae) : first results from biomonitoring of tributyltin contamination in the MediterraneanAxiak, Victor; Vella, Alfred J.; Chircop, R.; Mintoff, B.; Micallef, Daniel
1995Laboratory and field investigations on the effects of organotin (tributyltin) on the oyster, Ostrea edulisAxiak, Victor; Sammut, M.; Chircop, P.; Vella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, B.
2012Major coastal engineering works : monitoring and management of environmental impacts and risks : a case study from the Central Mediterranean (Malta)Axiak, Victor; Borg, Joseph A.; Ellul, Michelle; Guillaumier, Ruth; Vella, Alfred J.
2015-10-04Meta l-Ewwel li Rxoxta t-Teatru (u sehem it-Torca f'dan kollu)Axiak, Victor
1996Monitoring environmental quality of coastal waters in MaltaAxiak, Victor; Vella, Alfred J.
1983-09Monitoring of swarming by ScyhomedusaeAxiak, Victor
1984The occurrence of coastal swarms of the Scyphomedusa, Pelagia Noctiluca (Forskiil) around the Maltese IslandsAxiak, Victor;
1998Organotin pollution in Malta coastal zoneVella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, Bernardette; Axiak, Victor; Galea Agius, Dorita; Cassone, Roberto
1999State of the Environment Report for Malta 1998Axiak, Victor; Gauci, Vincent; Mallia, Adrian; Mallia, Edward; Schembri, Patrick J.; Vella, Alfred J.
2002State of the Environment Report for Malta 2002Axiak, Victor; Gauci, Vince; Mallia, Adrian; Mallia, Edward; Schembri, Patrick J.; Vella, Alfred J.; Vella, Louis
1984Toxicity of crude oil and crude oil plus dispersant mixtures on the marine diatom Phaeodactylum TricornutumAxiak, Victor; Schembri, James, L.
1979Turning the blue into black : the Mediterranean oil pollution problemAxiak, Victor