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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Economic and monetary union and the ten new member states : a comparative analysisAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2006The economics of the single currencyAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2014Encouraging female entrepreneurshipAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2006Enlargement and small states in the European UnionAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2013The ESPON 2013 programme : the development of the islands – European islands and cohesion policy (EUROISLANDS)Spilanis, Ioannis; Kizos, Thanasis; Biggi, Michael; Vaitis, Michalis; Kokkoris, Giorgos; Lekakou, Maria; Pallis, Thanassis; Vayanni, Lena; Koulouri, Maria; Margaris, Konstantinos; Koukourouvli, Nikoletta; Vangelas, Giorgos; Stefanidaki, Evangelia; Toudal, Mikkel; Ioannidis, Dimitri; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Azzopardi, Rose Marie
2000EU accession criteria - the macroeconomic dimension : a case study of MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2007The evolution of labour law in the new member states of the European Union : 1995-2005 - country studies on Cyprus and MaltaTheophanous, Andreas; Antoniou, Michalis; Tirkides, Yiannis; Ioannou, Christina; Azzopardi, Rose Marie; Georgiou, Kyriakos E.
2019Factors affecting women entrepreneurs in Malta and IndonesiaAzzopardi, Rose Marie; Lubis, Ratna Lindawati
2017The gender pay gap in MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2018It’s raining passports! The economics of citizenship investment programmesAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2013Lipari and the impact of the European Social FundAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2015MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2009Malta’s open economy : weathering the recessional storm?Azzopardi, Rose Marie
2019Pay transparency and a cultural shift for real gender pay equalityAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2012Recent international and domestic migration in the Maltese Archipelago : an economic reviewAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2011Recesiunea internationala si MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2013Small States and the female labour market : focus on MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2013Small states and the nontraditional effects of economic integrationAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2013Understanding and assessing the work motivations of employed women : insights into increasing female participation rates in the Maltese labor marketBezzina, Frank; Azzopardi, Rose Marie; Vella, George
2014Understanding female inactivity in Malta : an empirical study with homemakersAzzopardi, Rose Marie; Bezzina, Frank