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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Fan-tailed warbler patrol callsBaldacchino, Alfred E.; Fenech, Natalino
1990Giuseppe Despott (1879-1936)Baldacchino, Alfred E.
1996Ic-CerenBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1992Il-fkieren tal-baharBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Il-qanfudBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1993Ir-rettili u l-amfibji tal-gżejjer MaltinBaldacchino, Alfred E.; Schembri, Patrick J.
1982Iz-ZringBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1993John Borg (1873-1945)Baldacchino, Alfred E.
1998L-Gharghar : is-sigra nazzjonaliBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1983Looking at butterfliesBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1984Our indigenous tree (1) : a tree that can make Malta green - "iz-Znuber"Baldacchino, Alfred E.
1984Our indigenous tree (2) : the Carob Tree : a valuable but neglected treeBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Our indigenous tree (3) : the White Poplar : Malta’s relic from the distant pastBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Our indigenous tree (4) : the White Willow - "Iz-Zafzara l-Kbira" : next on the list to become extinct?Baldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Our indigenous tree (5) : l-Gharghar : the Sandarac Gum Tree : a tree on the verge of extinctionBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Our indigenous tree (6) : il-Ballut : the Holm OakBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1983-09A preliminary list of freshwater Crustaceans from the Maltese IslandsBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1993-02Records of spiders (Arachnida : Araneae) from the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean)Baldacchino, Alfred E.; Dandria, David; Lanfranco, Edwin; Schembri, Patrick J.
1983SpidersBaldacchino, Alfred E.
2017The threats to Malta from invasive speciesBaldacchino, Alfred E.