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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An independent assessment of the policies of the Employment & Training CorporationBaldacchino, Godfrey
1988The industrialization of Malta : a historical analysis of the formation, control and response of labourBaldacchino, Godfrey
2006Innovative development strategies from non-sovereign island jurisdictions? A global review of economic policy and governance practicesBaldacchino, Godfrey
2013Insularite et developpement durable, La corse et le developpement durable and Le Quebec des iles [Book reviews]Baldacchino, Godfrey
2008The internationalization of SMEs in Malta : a critical assessment in the context of five European island regionsBaldacchino, Godfrey
2007Internationally educated health professions in Atlantic CanadaBaldacchino, Godfrey; Chandrasekere, Sarath; Saunders, Pat
2007Introducing a world of islands [Editorial]Baldacchino, Godfrey
2017IntroductionBaldacchino, Godfrey
2015IntroductionBaldacchino, Godfrey
1994Introduction : convincing or empty arguments?Baldacchino, Godfrey
1994Introduction : sociology and Maltese society : the field and its contextSultana, Ronald G.; Baldacchino, Godfrey
1995An investigation of limiting magnitude determination : a pilot studyBaldacchino, Godfrey; Lanfranco, Sandro
1994Ir-relazzjoni bejn il-midwife u l-klijenta-omm : ricerka socjologikaBaldacchino, Godfrey
2009The island as figura utopiaeBaldacchino, Godfrey
2010Island brands and ‘the Island’ as a brand : insights from immigrant entrepreneurs on Prince Edward IslandBaldacchino, Godfrey
2010Island enclaves : offshoring strategies, creative governance, and subnational island jurisdictionsBaldacchino, Godfrey
2005Island entrepreneurs : insights from exceptionally successful knowledge-driven SMEs from 5 European island territoriesBaldacchino, Godfrey
2020Island images and imaginations : beyond the typical tropicalBaldacchino, Godfrey
2013Island landscapes and European culture : an ‘island studies’ perspectiveBaldacchino, Godfrey
2010The island lureBaldacchino, Godfrey