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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The social class in Malta : still our daily bread?Baldacchino, Godfrey
2018Society and communityBaldacchino, Godfrey; Veenendaal, Wouter
2017Solution protocols to festering island disputes : ‘win‒win’ solutions for the Diaoyu/Senkaku IslandsBaldacchino, Godfrey; Fleury, Christian; Gupta, Pamila; Hillebrink, Steven; Iwashita, Akihiro; Johnson, Henry; Katayanagi, Mari; Jiangyong, Liu; McIntyre, David; van Aert, Peter; van Dijk, Jouke; Grydehoj, Adam; Lindstrom, Bjarne; Naucler, Elisabeth
2014Stolen Isles : Shetland’s true status [Book review]Baldacchino, Godfrey
2015A “stopover place” at best? Recent trends in immigration attraction and retention on Prince Edward IslandBaldacchino, Godfrey
1998Strategies of development for small island territories of the North Atlantic : common sense versus good sense [Introduction]Baldacchino, Godfrey; Greenwood, Rob
1999-02Students stipend scheme commissionBaldacchino, Godfrey
2019Studiando il nostro mondo di isole. Fondamenti, storie, prospettiveBaldacchino, Godfrey
2008Studying islands : on whose terms? : some epistemological and methodological challenges to the pursuit of island studiesBaldacchino, Godfrey
2009Success without sovereignty : exploring sub-national island jurisdictionsBaldacchino, Godfrey; Milne, David
2005Successful small-scale manufacturing : a comparative assessment across five European island regionsBaldacchino, Godfrey
2005Successful small-scale manufacturing from small islands : comparing firms benefiting from locally available raw material inputBaldacchino, Godfrey
2011-12Surfers of the ocean waves : change management, intersectoral migration and the economic development of small island statesBaldacchino, Godfrey
2015Surpassing the sovereign state : the wealth, self-rule and security advantages of partially independent territories [Book review]Baldacchino, Godfrey
2004Sustainable use practices, including tourism, in/for small islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey
2015A tale of two Guernseys : tourism branding and island hopping in an archipelagic contextBaldacchino, Godfrey
2002A taste of small-island success : a case from Prince Edward IslandBaldacchino, Godfrey
1997Teachers on the Malta labour market : a tracer surveyBaldacchino, Godfrey
2015The tenth volume of Island Studies Journal; and a tribute to one who helped make it happen [Editorial]Baldacchino, Godfrey
2015There is so much more to sea : the myriad aquatic engagements of humankindBaldacchino, Godfrey