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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Qualified audit opinions in MaltaFarrugia, Konrad J.; Baldacchino, Peter J.
2006A rating agency in Maltese financial markets its introduction and implicationsBaldacchino, Peter J.; Borg, Jeanette
2016Recent annual report weaknesses by a supreme audit institution : an analysisBaldacchino, Peter J.; Pule, Daniel; Tabone, Norbert; Agius, Justine
2014Recent mergers and acquisitions in Malta : an analysisBaldacchino, Peter J.; Vella, Amy
2015Recent research on internal auditing at the University of MaltaBaldacchino, Peter J.
2014-04Recent trends in modified audit opinions in MaltaBaldacchino, Peter J.; Bezzina, Frank; Tabone, Norbert; Vassallo, Jean Paul
2021The relationship between inflation and stock returns in a small island state : an analysisFarrugia, Konrad; Duca, Janice; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Grima, Simon
2017The role of the Maltese Public Accounts Committee in public financeBaldacchino, Peter J.; Bartolo, Christine; Grima, Simon
2017Selected behavioural factors in client-initiated auditor changes : the client-auditor perspectivesBaldacchino, Peter J.; Caruana, Rosalene; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank
2023The skill set required in the accounting workplace : perspectives of accounting graduates and warrant holdersMicallef, Monique; Mifsud, Cheryl; Ellul, Lauren; Baldacchino, Peter J.; Grima, Simon
2020Social auditing and its applicability to Maltese cooperativesBaldacchino, Peter J.; Bugeja, Shana; Grima, Simon
2003The statutory audit of owner-managed companies in MaltaTabone, Norbert; Baldacchino, Peter J.
2020Too small to hedge? tTe case for derivatives hedging for a small island stateFarrugia, Konrad; Attard, Matthew; Baldacchino, Peter J.