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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Faculty for Social Wellbeing - Vlog #11 (Prof Paul Bartolo)Bartolo, Paul A.
2005How teachers in the region of Saxony and Malta are similar and different in their response to the diversity of students in the primary classroomHofsass, Thomas; Koinzer, Petra; Bartolo, Paul A.
2016Inclusive early childhood education : an analysis of 32 European examplesBartolo, Paul A.; Bjorck-Akesson, Eva; Gine, Climent; Kyriazopoulou, Mary
2017Inclusive early childhood education : literature reviewBellour, Flora; Bartolo, Paul A.; Kyriazopoulou, Mary
2017Inclusive early childhood education environment self-reflection toolBjorck-Akesson, Eva; Kyriazopoulou, Mary; Gine, Climent; Bartolo, Paul A.
2017Inclusive early childhood education new insights and tools – contributions from a European studyKyriazopoulou, Mary; Bartolo, Paul A.; Bjorck-Akesson, Eva; Gine, Climent; Bellour, Flora
2003Inclusive schools : a challenge for developing an inclusive European societyBartolo, Paul A.
2017Meeting the diversity of student needs : the development of policy and provisions for the education of children with disability in MaltaBartolo, Paul A.
1999-07Naturalistic decision-making frameworks in multiprofessional assessment of early childhood disabilityBartolo, Paul A.
2001Naturalistic decision-making task processes in multiprofessional assessment of disabilityBartolo, Paul A.; Dockrell, Julie; Lunt, Ingrid
2009The power of assessment in teacher educationGulikers, Judith; Sluijsmans, Dominique; Baartman, Liesbeth; Bartolo, Paul A.
2008Preparing teachers for diversityBartolo, Paul A.
2007Preparing teachers for responding to student diversity : findings from the Comenius DTMp projectBartolo, Paul A.; Calleja, Colin; Ale, Peter; Mol Lous, Annemieke; Janik, Ivan; Janikova, Vera; Hofsäss, Thomas; Koinzer, Petra; Vilkiene, Vida; Wetso, Gun Marie; Humphrey, Neil
2010The process of teacher education for inclusion : the Maltese experienceBartolo, Paul A.
2017Promuovere la resilienza attraverso la formazione dei docentiZannetti, Maria Assunta; Gualdi, Gianluca; Cefai, Carmel; Bartolo, Paul A.; Galea, Natalie; Spiteri, Rachel; Matsopoulos, Anastassios; Gavogiannaki, Mariza; Rovis, Darko; Simunkovic, Gordana; Vasiljev Marchesi, Vanja; Basic, Josipa; Simoes, Celeste; Lebre, Paula; Caetano Santos, Anabela; Colomeischi, Aurora Adilna; Schipor, Doina Maria
1985The psychology of errorsBartolo, Paul A.
2001Recent developments in inclusive education in MaltaBartolo, Paul A.
2005Regulating the psychology profession in MaltaBartolo, Paul A.
2015RESCUR : surfing the waves - a resilience curriculum for early years and primary schools - a teacher's guideCefai, Carmel; Miljevic-Ridicki, Renata; Bouillet, Dejana; Pavin Ivanec, Tea; Milanovic, Mirjana; Matsopoulos, Anastassios; Gavogiannaki, Mariza; Zanetti, Maria Assunta; Cavioni, Valeria; Bartolo, Paul A.; Galea, Katya; Simoes, Celeste; Lebre, Paula; Kimber, Birgitta; Eriksson, Charli; Caetano Santos, Anabela
2014A resilience curriculum for early years and primary schools in Europe : enhancing quality educationCefai, Carmel; Matsopoulos, Anastassios; Bartolo, Paul A.; Galea, Katya; Gavogiannaki, Mariza; Zanetti, Maria Assunta; Renati, Roberta; Cavioni, Valeria; Ivanec, Tea Pavin; Saric, Marija; Kimber, Birgitta; Eriksson, Charli; Simoes, Celeste; Lebre, Paula