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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The matching of motivations to affordances among Maltese elected local government volunteers : implications for sustaining civil societyBezzina, Frank; Cassar, Vincent; Azzopardi, Joseph G.; McKiernan, Peter
2016Misuse of derivatives : considerations for internal controlGrima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank; Romanova, Inna
2016Organizational culture, personnel characteristics and dysfunctional audit behaviorBaldacchino, Peter J.; Tabone, Norbert; Agius, Justine; Bezzina, Frank
2016The participation of the small shareholder in the annual general meeting : a reflection of good corporate governance?Baldacchino, Peter J.; Camilleri, Amy; Cutajar, Isabel; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank
2014The pervasiveness and implications of statistical misconceptions among academics with a special interest in business research methodsBezzina, Frank; Saunders, Mark N. K.
2018Post-surgery length of stay using multi-criteria decision-making toolButtigieg, Sandra C.; Gauci, Dorothy; Bezzina, Frank; Dey, Prasanta K.
2014Potential impact of IT-directed investor relationship management on employmentLele, Pascal; Bezzina, Frank; Zhao, Ronald; Grima, Simon; Klein, Robert W.; Kattuman, Paul
2013Profiting on inefficiencies in betting derivative markets : the case of UEFA Euro 2012Cortis, Dominic; Hales, Steve; Bezzina, Frank
2017The public service as a 'performing organisation'Bezzina, Frank; Borg, Colin; Cassar, Vincent
2004-06Pupils’ understanding of probability & statistics (14-15+) difficulties and insights for instructionBezzina, Frank
2015Reflections on conceptions of research methodology among management academicsSaunders, Mark N. K.; Bezzina, Frank
2017The relationship between transformational leadership and work attitudes : comparing mediating influences of social identity and the psychological contractCassar, Vincent; Bezzina, Frank; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2014Risk management practices adopted by financial firms in MaltaBezzina, Frank; Grima, Simon; Mamo, Josephine
2015The spiral of conflict : naive realism and the black sheep effect in attributions of knowledge and ignoranceSammut, Gordon; Bezzina, Frank; Sartawi, Mohammad
2016Strengthening value and risk culture using a real-time logical toolGrima, Simon; Klein, Robert W.; Zhao, Ronald; Bezzina, Frank; Lele, Pascal
2011STV 4+ : a proportional system for Malta’s electoral processBezzina, Frank; Buhagiar, Anton
2012Sustainable energy behaviour in Malta : an empirical studyGauci, Patrick; Bezzina, Frank
2013Understanding and assessing the work motivations of employed women : insights into increasing female participation rates in the Maltese labor marketBezzina, Frank; Azzopardi, Rose Marie; Vella, George
2014Understanding female inactivity in Malta : an empirical study with homemakersAzzopardi, Rose Marie; Bezzina, Frank
2012Unlocking the female potential : research reportFsadni, Marika; Azzopardi, Rose Marie; Bezzina, Frank; Buhagiar, Michael; Debono, Manwel; Kenely, Godfrey; Spiteri, Lorraine; Borg, Anna