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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Paris, Pelops, Hieron II or a Roman Flamen?Bonanno, Anthony
2012Past and present excavations of a multi-period siteBonanno, Anthony; Vella, Nicholas C.
2003The past environment of the Maltese Islands : the Marsa coresCarroll, Francis A.; Fenech, Katrin; Bonanno, Anthony; Hunt, Chris O.; Jones, Anne M.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2007The Phoenicians and the Maltese prehistoric cultural landscapeBonanno, Anthony
1976Portraits and other heads on Roman historical relief up to the age of Septimius SeverusBonanno, Anthony
2008Preface/PremessaBonanno, Anthony; Militello, Pietro; Musco, Alessandro
1992The prehistory and protohistory of the Maltese Islands : current problems and perspectivesBonanno, Anthony; Rossello Borday, G.
1995The prehistory of GozoBonanno, Anthony
2021Primary and secondary burial in the Maltese temple period : ritual and spatial/social organisationBonanno, Anthony
1982Quintinus and the location of the temple of Hercules at MarsaxlokkBonanno, Anthony
2008Relazioni fra Malta e la Sicilia nella preistoria : I rilievi spiraliformiBonanno, Anthony
1997Research essays by students of archaeologyBonanno, Anthony
1997Research on prehistoric and Roman Gozo : past, present and futureBonanno, Anthony
1999The rise and fall of megalithism in MaltaBonanno, Anthony
2011The rise of a maritime strategic island : Malta under the Phoenicians & the RomansBonanno, Anthony
1980-02Roman villa at Ramla Bay, GozoBonanno, Anthony
2013-06The Roman villa of ZejtunDuca, Edward; Bonanno, Anthony; Vella, Nicholas C.
2018Roman villas in the Maltese ArchipelagoBonanno, Anthony
1994The Romans in MaltaBonanno, Anthony
2011The Romans in MaltaBonanno, Anthony