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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-12Malta and the "Delfosse" maritime labelsBonello, Giovanni
1993-12Malta and the French naval postal services in World War oneBonello, Giovanni
1990-08Malta and the German navy : a postal history connectionBonello, Giovanni
2000-12Malta in the Wembley exhibition, 1924 : postal connectionsBonello, Giovanni
2017-12-10Malta's 1788 Magna Carta for unborn lifeBonello, Giovanni
1990-12Maltese in Spain during the Napoleonic ageBonello, Giovanni
1999-08Maltese internees (1940-1945) : postal historyBonello, Giovanni
2020-10-04Maltese women in the books of the Knights - the first 50 yearsBonello, Giovanni
1991-04Manuscript forwarding agents' markings on Malta mailBonello, Giovanni
1994-08Maps of Malta as postcardsBonello, Giovanni
2005Medical Digressions in a Maltese novelBonello, Giovanni
1992-12Mixed frankings on pre-war Malta mailBonello, Giovanni
1989-04More on censorship in World War OneBonello, Giovanni
1992-12More unrecorded forwarding agentsBonello, Giovanni
2018-01-14Mysteries of the Main Guard inscriptionBonello, Giovanni
1993A mysterious book by Mikiel Anton Vassalli?Bonello, Giovanni
1985-12A new type of delivery charge markBonello, Giovanni
1992-04O. H. M. S. correspondence in the XIXth centuryBonello, Giovanni
2004The persona and deaths of Six 16th century Grand Masters of the Order of St. JohnBonello, Giovanni
2006Petitions by medical practitioners 1632-1732Bonello, Giovanni