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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992-04O. H. M. S. correspondence in the XIXth centuryBonello, Giovanni
2004The persona and deaths of Six 16th century Grand Masters of the Order of St. JohnBonello, Giovanni
2006Petitions by medical practitioners 1632-1732Bonello, Giovanni
1994-12The planned invasion of Malta : postal historyBonello, Giovanni
1998-02Postal markings on Agius de Soldanis's correspondenceBonello, Giovanni
2004-04Postcards of early Malta hotelsBonello, Giovanni
1958Promises of marriage in Maltese lawBonello, Giovanni
2007Reforms in the Holy Infirmary, 1680Bonello, Giovanni
1995-12Revenue stamps used postallyBonello, Giovanni
2017-10-01The rise and fall of the Britannia Circus in FIorianaBonello, Giovanni
2003-08The Sardinia tragedyBonello, Giovanni
2019-12Select Malta mail of the French Navy in WWIBonello, Giovanni
2020-01-19Sliema - lost city (part one)Bonello, Giovanni
2020-02-02Sliema - lost city (part three)Bonello, Giovanni
2020-01-26Sliema - lost city (part two)Bonello, Giovanni
2007-12Sliema in pre-war postcardsBonello, Giovanni
2016-04Stamped covers to Malta from pre-unification Italian statesBonello, Giovanni
2014-02-14Stefano Lecchi tracked down to Malta in 1860sBonello, Giovanni
2014Stemming Vice : a proposal for Hospitaller virtuous living in Ancien Regime MaltaZammit, William; Bonello, Giovanni
1991-12The telegraphs in Malta during the Victorian eraBonello, Giovanni