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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Challenges for critical pedagogy : a southern European perspectiveBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2006Critical pedagogy and citizenship : Lorenzo Milani and the school of BarbianaBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2002The curriculumBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2004Diluted wine in new bottles : the key messages of the EU memorandum (on lifelong learning)Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2016The disabled child’s participation rights [Book Review]Borg, Carmel
2015Early school leaving and wellbeing in Malta and beyond : a statistical analysisBorg, Carmel; Camilleri, Katrine; Caruana, Vincent; Naudi, Marceline; Vella, Mary Grace; Raykov, Milosh
2020-08Editorial [Malta Review of Educational Research, 14(S)]Borg, Carmel; Raykov, Milosh
2008Editorial introductionBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter; Sultana, Ronald G.
2005The EU memorandum on lifelong learning. Old wine in new bottles?Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2001-06From "Adjuncts" to "Subjects" parental involvement in a working-class communityBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2016Ghall-gid tas-socjeta : programs 1-17Borg, Carmel
2008Ghax ir-ricerka tghid 1 : program 1-18Borg, Carmel
2008Ghax ir-ricerka tghid 2 : program 1-17Borg, Carmel
2008Globalisation, Southern Europe and European adult education policyBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2001-06Il-kurrikulu u l-ekwita bejn is-sessiBorg, Carmel
1999-04Il-partecipazzjoni tal-genituri u l-edukazzjoni bikrija tat-tfalBorg, Carmel
1999-12Il-partecipazzjoni tal-genituri u r-ricerka fl-iskejjelBorg, Carmel
1997-04Il-prattika tas-shubija fil-livell primarjuBorg, Carmel
1998-04Il-prattika tas-shubija fil-livell primarju : il-kodici ta' imgiba tajbaBorg, Carmel
1997-12Il-prattika tas-shubija fil-livell primarju ix-xoghol ghad-darBorg, Carmel