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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01Oliver Friggieri - Tribut : Programmes 1 & 2Grech, Sergio; Briffa, Charles
1992Peace defence in human mindsBriffa, Charles
2018-12-30Poeta surrealist b'poezija eruditaBriffa, Charles
1986Prehistoric ships in MaltaBriffa, Charles
1989Psycholinguistic aspects of languageBriffa, Charles
2017Psychometric properties of the Belief about Medicines Questionnaire (BMQ) in the Maltese languageGatt, Ingrid; West, Lorna M.; Calleja, Neville; Briffa, Charles; Cordina, Maria
1988Purgation in Plato and DanteBriffa, Charles
2006A ramble with a bookBriffa, Charles
1996Random thoughts on some local books : of fear, sarcasm, and historyBriffa, Charles
2015Requiem ta' Ebejer 1 : programs 1-17Briffa, Charles; Francis Ebejer; Farrugia, Anton
2015Requiem ta' Ebejer 2 : programs 1-10Briffa, Charles; Francis Ebejer; Farrugia, Anton
1995Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an American naval hero and a mysterious duellist in MaltaBriffa, Charles
2019Sejjaħli b'laqmiGalea, Abigail; Briffa, Charles
2002Small languages in 21st century Europe : vive la difference!Briffa, Charles
1997Sound and sense in minor poetsBriffa, Charles
2000The study of languagesBriffa, Charles
2009Testment bla flus : programs 1-17Briffa, Charles; Buhagiar, Celaine
1993Varieties of English and MalteseBriffa, Charles
1997The voice of a nation's conscience : Oliver Friggieri's fiction in recent Maltese literatureBriffa, Charles
1990White dipping sailsBriffa, Charles