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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Lectures 12 : program 5 : con la passione incisa nel cuore : Patri Charlo Camilleri O.CarmSciberras, Keith; Serracino-Inglott, Peter; Buhagiar, Mario; Camilleri, Charlo; Schembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
1984The Maltese catacombs : characteristics and general considerationsBuhagiar, Mario
2008The Maltese early christian cemeteries : an overviewBuhagiar, Mario
2005Niccolo Nasoni between Malta and PortugalBuhagiar, Mario
n.d.The old parish church of Our Saviour at LijaBuhagiar, Mario
1990Paintings in Gozo - a concise analytical historyBuhagiar, Mario
1969Report on two interesting chambers in St. Agatha’s Catacombs and a number of early 16th century carved stone blocks in the museum of the Missionary Society of St. PaulBuhagiar, Mario
2004Roman Baroque sculpture for the Knights of Malta [Book Review]Buhagiar, Mario
1984The Salina Hypogea at St. Paul's BayBuhagiar, Mario
1984The Salina Hypogea at St. Paul's BayBuhagiar, Mario
1988San Sebastjan fl-arti MaltijaParroċċa San Sebastjan (Qormi, Malta); Buhagiar, Mario
2018-04-29The secret passages of Żejtun's old parish churchBuhagiar, Mario
1982Some late Medieval and early modern panel paintings in MaltaBuhagiar, Mario
1983Some tentative suggestions for a children's museumBuhagiar, Mario
1991The St. John's Co-Cathedral affair- a study of a dispute between Church and state in Malta over property rightsBuhagiar, Mario
1997The St. Paul shipwreck controversy : an assessment of the source materialBuhagiar, Mario
1983The study of the Maltese paleochristian catacombsBuhagiar, Mario
1983The study of the Maltese Paleochristian catacombsBuhagiar, Mario
1992Three early seventeeth century vernacular paintings at MqabbaBuhagiar, Mario; Sciberras, Keith
1988Two archaeological sites- Ras ir-Raheb, Malta, and Ras il-Wardija, GozoBuhagiar, Mario