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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998The iconography of the Maltese rock-tombs Punico-Hellenistic, Paleochristian and ByzantineBuhagiar, Mario
2011Il-kwadru titulari ta' San SebastjanBuhagiar, Mario
1993Il-kwadru titulari tal-Martirju ta' San ĠorġBuhagiar, Mario
1989Il-pittura f'Malta u l-identita` nazzjonaliBuhagiar, Mario
2011The Jewish catacombs of Roman MeliteBuhagiar, Mario
1984Knejjes ta’ Santa Katarina f’1575Buhagiar, Mario
2009Lectures 12 : program 5 : con la passione incisa nel cuore : Patri Charlo Camilleri O.CarmSciberras, Keith; Serracino-Inglott, Peter; Buhagiar, Mario; Camilleri, Charlo; Schembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
1984The Maltese catacombs : characteristics and general considerationsBuhagiar, Mario
2008The Maltese early christian cemeteries : an overviewBuhagiar, Mario
2005Niccolo Nasoni between Malta and PortugalBuhagiar, Mario
n.d.The old parish church of Our Saviour at LijaBuhagiar, Mario
1990Paintings in Gozo - a concise analytical historyBuhagiar, Mario
1969Report on two interesting chambers in St. Agatha’s Catacombs and a number of early 16th century carved stone blocks in the museum of the Missionary Society of St. PaulBuhagiar, Mario
2004Roman Baroque sculpture for the Knights of Malta [Book Review]Buhagiar, Mario
1984The Salina Hypogea at St. Paul's BayBuhagiar, Mario
1984The Salina Hypogea at St. Paul's BayBuhagiar, Mario
1988San Sebastjan fl-arti MaltijaParroċċa San Sebastjan (Qormi, Malta); Buhagiar, Mario
2018-04-29The secret passages of Żejtun's old parish churchBuhagiar, Mario
1982Some late Medieval and early modern panel paintings in MaltaBuhagiar, Mario
1983Some tentative suggestions for a children's museumBuhagiar, Mario