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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The Knights of Malta, 1530-1793 : aspects of military-religious masculinityButtigieg, Emanuel; Davies, Franco; Brincat, Fleur
2015Knights, memory and the siege of 1565 : an exhibition on the 450th anniversary of the Great Siege of Malta [Introduction]Buttigieg, Emanuel
2018La « fleur de la chretiente ». L’ordre de Malte et la noblesse europeenne au xvii siecleButtigieg, Emanuel; Caruana, Rachel
2005The land, the sea and the eight-pointed cross : economy and material life in mid-16th century MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2015Magdalene nuns and Penitent prostitutes, Valletta [book review]Buttigieg, Emanuel
2013The Maltese Islands and the religious culture of the Hospitallers : isolation and connectivity c.1540s–c.1690sButtigieg, Emanuel
2014Melita Historica special edition, vol. XVI (2) [Introduction]Buttigieg, Emanuel
2020NAV : a survey of the past, present, and future of the Notarial Archives of Valletta, MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel; Abela, Joan
2017Negotiating encounters, controlling spaces : official meetings between Grand Masters and Inquisitors in Valletta and VittoriosaButtigieg, Emanuel
2017The Order of St John and power-projection through rituals in the harbour of MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2008'The pope wants to be the ruin of this religion' : the papacy, France, and the Order of St John in the seventeenth centuryButtigieg, Emanuel
2015Remembering 1565 : the role of memory in the urban fabric of the island order state of the HospitallersButtigieg, Emanuel; Davies, Franco
2017Ritual, memory and landscape of the Hospitaller-Maltese island order state : the Possesso of the Vascelli in 1705Buttigieg, Emanuel
2018Rituals and politics in the seventeenth-century Mediterranean : the Hospitaller Island Order State of Malta c.1611-c.1715Buttigieg, Emanuel
2008Social relationships in mid-sixteenth-century Malta : an analysis through notary Juliano Muscat's register R376/11Buttigieg, Emanuel
2014The sovereign military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta – a general history of the Order of MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2017A space of land and sea : the early modern harbour of MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2020-10Storja-Oggett 3 : Programmes 1-13Gauci, Liam; Buttigieg, Emanuel
2021-01Storja-Oggett 4 : Programmes 1-13Buttigieg, Emanuel; Gauci, Liam
2015-08Symbiotics of history and social psychology understanding social representations of history in EuropeAzzopardi, Simone; Licata, Laurent; Buttigieg, Emanuel