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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Ebstein anomaly : a reviewGalea, Joseph; Ellul, Sarah; Schembri, Aaron; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2011The effect of coelomic fluid on the production of cytokines by the first trimester human placentaCalleja-Agius, Jean; Muttukrishna, Shanthi; Jauniaux, Eric R. M.
2012The effect of menopause on the skin and other connective tissuesCalleja-Agius, Jean; Brincat, Mark
2009Effects of hormone replacement therapy on connective tissue : why is this important?Calleja-Agius, Jean; Brincat, Mark P.
2011EMAS position statement : bone densitometry screening for osteoporosisBrincat, Mark; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Erel, Cemal Tamer; Gambacciani, Marco; Lambrinoudaki, Irene; Moen, Mette H.; Schenck-Gustafsson, Karin; Tremollieres, Florence; Vujovic, Svetlana; Rees, Margaret; Rozenberg, Serge
2011Endometrial seedlings. A survival instinct? Immunomodulation and its role in the pathophysiology of endometriosisPortelli, Mark; Pollacco, J.; Sacco, K.; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2020Equality in cleft and craniofacial careSharratt, Nicholas D.; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Davies, Gareth; Mehendale, Felicity V.; Hagell, Peter; Persson, Martin
2011Erratum to “EMAS position statement : done densitometry screening for osteoporosis” [Maturitas 68 (2011) 98–101]Brincat, Mark; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Cemal Tamer, Erel; Gambacciani, Marco; Lambrinoudaki, Irene; Moen, Mette H.; Schenck-Gustafsson, Karin; Tremollieres, Florence; Vujovic, Svetlana; Rees, Margaret; Rozenberg, Serge
2009Estrogens and the intervertebral discCalleja-Agius, Jean; Muscat Baron, Yves; Brincat, Mark P.
2020Future fertility of women cancer survivors : the progress in fertility preservationFarrugia, Amanda; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2017-12Genetic determinants of low birth weightMallia, Theresa; Grech, Alexia; Hili, Abigail; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Pace, Nikolai Paul
2008Hormone replacement therapy post Women’s Health Initiative study : where do we stand?Calleja-Agius, Jean; Brincat, Mark P.
2012Inflammatory Cytokines in maternal circulation and placenta of chromosomally abnormal first trimester miscarriagesCalleja-Agius, Jean; Jauniaux, Eric; Muttukrishna, Shanthi
2020Intact perineum : what are the predictive factors in spontaneous vaginal birth?Rodrigues, Silvia; Silva, Paulo; Agius, Andee; Rocha, Fatima; Castanheira, Rosa; Gross, Mechthild; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2009Intervertebral disc height correlates with vertebral body T-scores in premenopausal and postmenopausal womenMuscat Baron, Yves; Brincat, Mark P.; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Calleja, Neville
2017An introduction to epigeneticsBarbara, Maria Andria; Abdilla, Ylenia; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2012Investigation of systemic inflammatory response in first trimester pregnancy failureCalleja-Agius, Jean; Jauniaux, Eric R. M.; Pizzey, Arnold R.; Muttukrishna, Shanthi
2013Is clomifene citrate the best first-line treatment for anovulation?Calleja-Agius, Jean; Brincat, Mark
2017A locally destructive, completely asymptomatic, C1-root schwannoma with base of skull invasion : a case reportPisani, David; Camenzuli, Christian; Psaila, Josephine; Božanic, Snežana; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2015Male factors in ART outcome predictionBrincat, Dale; Catania, Sarah; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Calleja-Agius, Jean