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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Disabilities and extraordinary abilities in science fictionCallus, Anne-Marie; Grech, Victor E.
2016Disability and parenting : the experiences of four women with disabilityAzzopardi Lane, Claire; Callus, Anne-Marie
2016Disability in intergalactic environments : the representation of disability issues in Star TrekAbercrombie-Winstanley, Gina K.; Callus, Anne-Marie
2016The disabled child's participation rightsCallus, Anne-Marie; Farrugia, Ruth
2018Disabled people and culture : creating inclusive global cultural policiesCallus, Anne-Marie; Camilleri-Zahra, Amy
2017-12Editorial [Malta Review of Educational Research, 11(2)]Calleja, Colin; Callus, Anne-Marie; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Mercieca, Duncan P.
2022Embryo Protection Act (Amendment) Bill no.5 : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Calleja, Carlo; Attard Montalto, Simon; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Aquilina, Kevin; Savona Ventura, Charles; Zammit, Raymond; Callus, Anne-Marie; Grima, George; Bianchi, Daniel; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Sultana, Mark; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre
2015Enabling everything : scale, disability and the film The Theory of EverythingGauci, Maria Victoria; Callus, Anne-Marie
2018Encounters between disability studies and critical trauma studies : introductionIonescu, Arleen; Callus, Anne-Marie
2020Ensuring meaningful access to easy-to-read information : a case studyCallus, Anne-Marie; Cauchi, Dorianne
2014From ‘for’ to ‘of’ : a typology of Maltese disability organisationsCallus, Anne-Marie
2012How we like to live when we have the chanceDeguara, Marthese; Jelassi, Omar; Micallef, Brian; Callus, Anne-Marie
2012Inclusive education : the insider experience of two students in MaltaBonello, Alison; Bonello, Isabelle; Callus, Anne-Marie
2021Inclusive research : doing participatory and emancipatory research with people with intellectual disabilitiesCallus, Anne-Marie
2021The independent living movement and capitalism : challenges and contributionsCallus, Anne-Marie; Vella, Sue
2012Learning difficulties and sexual vulnerability : a social approach [Book review]Callus, Anne-Marie
2019Living with a disability in Malta : some cultural, geographical and historical aspectsCallus, Anne-Marie
2017Making disability conferences more actively inclusiveCallus, Anne-Marie
2017-12Malta Review of Educational Research : volume 11 : issue 2Calleja, Colin; Callus, Anne-Marie; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Mercieca, Duncan
2017Nothing about us without us : disabled people determining their human rights through the UNCRPDCallus, Anne-Marie; Camilleri-Zahra, Amy