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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Identifying the factors that influence change in SEBD using logistic regression analysisCamilleri, Liberato; Cefai, Carmel
2016Il profilo delle competenze nella percezione dei curricoli formativi delle professionalita educative di supporto : una prospettiva comparata tra Italia e MaltaBaschiera, Barbara; Calleja, Colin; Camilleri, Liberato; Tessaro, Fiorino; Tanti Burlo, Elena
2019Illness perceptions, depression and anxiety in informal carers of persons with depression : a cross-sectional surveyScerri, Josianne; Saliba, Therese; Saliba, George; Scerri, Christian A.; Camilleri, Liberato
2016The impact of age in prosthesis-patient mismatch on long-term survival after aortic valve replacement : in-vitro versus in-vivo valuesCamilleri, Liberato; Casha, Aaron; Manche, Alexander
2020The impact of dog therapy on nursing students’ heart rates and ability to pay attention in classGriscti, Odette; Camilleri, Liberato
2016Improving myocardial protection : the key variables which affect troponin release after CABGSladden, David; Schembri, Kevin; Camilleri, Liberato; Xeureb, Robert; Galea, Joseph
2016The influence of patient characteristics on healthcare-seeking behavior : a multilevel analysis of 70 primary care practices in urban-suburban regions in MaltaPullicino, Glorianne; Sciortino, Philip; Camilleri, Liberato; Boerma, Wienke; Schafer, Willemijn
2018An innovative approach to manage uncertainties and stock diversity in the EPBD cost-optimal methodologyGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Cellura, Maurizio; Camilleri, Liberato
2015-11Internal rib structure can be predicted using mathematical models : an anatomic study comparing the chest to a shell dome with application to understanding fracturesCasha, Aaron; Camilleri, Liberato; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Gauci, Marilyn; Camilleri-Podesta, Marie Therese; McDonald, Stuart; Grima, Joseph N.; Manche, Alexander
2017Intimate partner violence : psychological and verbal abuse during pregnancyDebono, Christie; Borg Xuereb, Rita; Scerri, Josianne; Camilleri, Liberato
2017-06Investigating determinants of obesity in 5- to 6-year-old Maltese childrenZarb Adami, Roberta; Jones, Petra; Camilleri, Liberato; Sillato Copperstone, Claire
2019Investigating the factors which affect the performance of the EM algorithm in Latent class modelsCamilleri, Liberato; Spiteri, Luke; Camilleri, Maureen
2016Investigation of acrylic resin disinfection using chemicals and ultrasoundMuscat, Ylainia; Farrugia, Cher; Camilleri, Liberato; Arias-Moliz, Maria Teresa; Valdramidis, Vasilis; Camilleri, Josette
2020Is transfusion in coronary artery surgery a predictor or a cause of reduced long-term survival?Manche, Alexander; Camilleri, Liberato
2011Latent class analysis for segmenting preferences of investment bondsCamilleri, Liberato; Francalanza, Helena
2009Latent class mixture models for analyzing rating responsesCamilleri, Liberato
2016Limited sanguineous reperfusion reduces ventricular fibrillation following intermittent cold crystalloid cardioplegic arrestSladden, David; Casha, Aaron; Camilleri, Liberato; Manche, Alexander
2019Long-term survival after aortic valve replacement with the Mitroflow bioprosthesis : a comparative studyManche, Alexander; Camilleri, Liberato
2017Long-term survival following aortic valve replacement : the influence of age, prosthesis-patient mismatch and indexed effective orifice areaManche, Alexander; Casha, Aaron; Camilleri, Liberato
2007A longitudinal study of student performance in English using repeated measures, multilevel and logistic regression modelsCamilleri, Liberato; Xuereb, Georgiana