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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Can a stock index be less efficient than underlying shares? An analysis using Malta Stock Exchange dataCamilleri, Silvio John
2013The challenges of productivity growth in the small Island States of Europe : a critical look at Malta and CyprusCamilleri, Silvio John; Falzon, Joseph
2021Choosing between innovative and traditional payment systems : an empirical analysis of European trendsCamilleri, Silvio John; Agius, Christabelle
2014-03-23Contemporary rhythm and formCamilleri, Silvio John
2019-06-14Departures : in celebration of Maestro Chev. Pawlu Grech (Programme)Malta Society of Arts; Arts Council Malta; Zammit Formosa, Ramona; Camilleri, Silvio John
2001Deregulation of financial markets a review of the past outcomes and current issuesCamilleri, Silvio John
2019The determinants of securities trading activity : evidence from four European equity marketsCamilleri, Silvio John; Galea, Francelle
2009The diversification potential offered by emerging markets in recent yearsCamilleri, Silvio John; Galea, Gabriella
2015Do call auctions curtail price volatility? Evidence from the National Stock Exchange of IndiaCamilleri, Silvio John
2019Do stock markets lead or lag macroeconomic variables? Evidence from select European countriesCamilleri, Silvio John; Scicluna, Nicolanne; Bai, Ye
2018The effect of dividend policy on share price volatility : an analysis of Mediterranean banks' stocksCamilleri, Silvio John; Grima, Luke; Grima, Simon
2013-08-04From folk songs to funeral chantsCamilleri, Silvio John
2006Globalization of international financial marketsCamilleri, Silvio John
2015The impact of stock market structure on volatility : evidence from a call auction suspensionCamilleri, Silvio John
2009The impact of the suspension of opening and closing call auctions : evidence from the National Stock Exchange of IndiaCamilleri, Silvio John; Green, Christopher J.
2008The implementation of standards for securities markets as a source of competitivenessCamilleri, Silvio John
2008Month-related seasonality of stock price volatility : evidence from the Malta Stock ExchangeCamilleri, Silvio John
2014-04-06A mosaic of Maltese musicCamilleri, Silvio John
2014-06-15A musical meditationCamilleri, Silvio John
2016Muzika u arti ohra : programs 1-18Camilleri, Silvio John