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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004"Born of the Virgin Mary ... " According to St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Justin Martyr and St. Irenaeus of LyonsCaruana, Salvino
1998The ethical implications of Christian life in Saint Augustine of hippo's De sermone Domini in monteCaruana, Salvino
2009Lectures 13 : program 7 : il-familja ta' Wistin : Patrizju u MonicaAugustinian Institute; Caruana, Salvino
2010Lectures 15 : program 1 : l-irfiegh tar-ruh lejn Alla fil-missirijiet tal-knisja mill-1 sal-5 seklu wara KristuAugustinian Institute; Caruana, Salvino
2011Lectures 17 : program 12 : Wistin u z-zwieg fil-qorti t'IpponaAugustinian Institute; Caruana, Salvino
2012Lectures 19 : program 12 : il-koncilji fl-Afrika ta' Fuq fi zmien Santu WistinAugustinian Institute; Caruana, Salvino
2013Lectures 21 : program 10 : l-istqarrija tal-imperatur Marku Awrelju, Santu Wistin u RousseauAugustinian Institute; Caruana, Salvino
2006Lectures 6 : program 2Augustinian Institute; Caruana, Salvino
2007Lectures 9 : program 2 : Il-mara fl-gherf qadim pagan u nisrani minn Sokrate sa Santu WistinAugustinian Institute; Caruana, Salvino
2007Negotia Christianorum ... (Apologeticum 39,1-20). A study of some salient themes of the moral life and discipline in the daily life of early Christian communities - 2nd & 3rd CE. Tertullian and the Case of North AfricaCaruana, Salvino
1997The role of faculties of theology in face of modern identity claimsCaruana, Salvino
1998Saint Augustine lecture - 1994Caruana, Salvino
2005"Scripturarum capere sacramentum ... ". Scripture as sacrament in Sermon 66,1 of Pope St. Leo the GreatCaruana, Salvino
2008Who converts who in the Confessions of Saint Augustine of Hippo. Variations on the theme of conuersioCaruana, Salvino