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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991The deterioration of cultural property by airborne pollutants : a case study of a Mediterranean islandBonanno, Anthony; Cassar, JoAnn
2002Deterioration of the globigerina limestone of the Maltese IslandsCassar, JoAnn
2016-02Editor's foreword : caring for our heritageCassar, JoAnn; Heritage Malta
n.d.Education in conservation in Malta : challenges and opportunitiesCassar, JoAnn; Torpiano, Alex
1996Environmental effects on deterioration of monuments: case study of the Church of Sta. Marija Ta' Cwerra, MaltaTorfs, Karlien; Grieken, René van; Cassar, JoAnn
2012The EUROMED 4 project ELAICH: e-Tools for a teaching environment on EU Mediterranean cultural heritageLobovikov-Katz, Anna; Konstanti, Agoritsa; Labropoulos, Kyriakos; Moropoulou, Antonia; Cassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta; Ioannides, Marinos; Fritsch, Dieter; Leissner, Johanna; Davies, Rob; Remondino, Fabio; Caffo, Rossella
2016Evaluation of the shelters over the prehistoric Megalithic Temples of Malta: environmental considerationsBecherini, Francesca; Cassar, JoAnn; Galea, Mario; Bernardi, Adriana
2015EwaGlos - European illustrated glossary of conservation terms for wall paintings and architectural surfacesWeyer, Angela; Roig Picazo, Pilar; Pop, Daniel; Ozkose, Aysun; Cassar, JoAnn; Srsa, Ivan; Vallet, Jean-Marc
2017Geomaterials : aggregates, building stone and earthworks : papers from 50 years of QJEGHCassar, JoAnn; Standing, Jamie R.
2013Il coinvolgimento dei giovani nella cultura e nella valorizzazione dei siti archeologici: Proposta di un metodo innovativoIzzo, Francesca Caterina; Biscontin, Guido; Zendri, Elisabetta; Balliana, Eleonora; Falchi, Laura; Moropoulou, Antonia; Kostanti, Agoritsa; Cassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta
2014Introduction to stone in historic buildings: characterization and performanceCassar, JoAnn; Winter, Mike G.; Marker, Brian; Walton, Nick R. G.; Entwisle, David Christopher; Bromhead, Edward Nicholas; Smith, Jonathan W. N.
2013Introduction to the stone cycle and the conservation of historic buildingsCassar, JoAnn; Winter, Mike G.; Marker, Brian; Bromhead, Edward Nicholas; Smith, Jonathan W. N.; Toll, David G.; Walton, Nick R. G.; Entwisle, David Christopher; Dijkstra, Tom A.
2014Investigating a method to limit damage in Globigerina Limestone, a soft porous stone widely used in historic buildingsSammut, Svetlana; Cassar, JoAnn; Marrocchi, Assunta; Russo, Catia; Sommei, Lara; Santarelli, Maria Laura
2015Investigating possible correlations between the porosimetry and insoluble residue content of Malta’s Lower Globigerina LimestoneZammit, Tano; Cassar, JoAnn
1997Investigation on the moisture and salt migration in the wall masonry and on the presence of salt efflorescences on stone surface in the Church of Sta. Marija ta' Cwerra at Siggiewi, MaltaFassina, Vasco; Mignucci, Anna; Naccari, Andrea; Stevan, Antonio; Cassar, JoAnn; Torpiano, Alex
2002L'inserimento ambientale di grandi opere del passatoCassar, JoAnn; Ercoli, Alessandro
2007Malta's prehistoric temples : conservation issuesCassar, JoAnn
2003Methodology to identify badly weathering limestone using geochemistry : case study on the lower globigerina limestone of the Maltese IslandsCassar, JoAnn; Vella, Alfred J.
2016The natural weathering of an artificially induced calcium oxalate patina on soft limestoneDreyfuss, Tabitha; Cassar, JoAnn
2013Note by the chairCassar, JoAnn; Cassar, JoAnn; Grima, Reuben; The Farsons Foundation; University of Malta. Department of the Built Heritage