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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983The birth of monsters in the Maltese Islands in the 17th and 18th centuriesCassar, Paul
1985Book reviewsCassar, Paul; Cassar Pullicino, Joseph
1974Book reviewsWettinger, Godfrey; Serracino-Inglott, Peter; Galea Scannura, Charles; A.B.; Cassar, Paul; Luttrell, Anthony T.
1963British doctors and the study of the medical and natural history of Malta in the nineteenth centuryCassar, Paul
1979A British naval mission to Malta in the 17th centuryCassar, Paul
1990The burning of ships as a sanitary measure two hundred years ago in MaltaCassar, Paul
1967A case of amphetamine psychosisCassar, Paul
1988The Castellania Palace : from law courts to guardian of the nation's healthCassar, Paul
1954Change of sex sanctioned by a Maltese law court in the eighteenth centuryCassar, Paul
1969The church on cesarean section in Malta in 1867Cassar, Paul
1989Clinical case histories and post mortem reports from the Malta lazzaretto in the 18th centuryCassar, Paul
1987-11Clinical teaching in Malta fifty years ago : a personal viewCassar, Paul
2006The concept and range of charitable institutions up to World War ICassar, Paul
1985Contributions of the Mediterranean peoples to the control and alleviation of diseaseCassar, Paul
1992-01-25The control of infectious disease in Malta : a brief historical surveyCassar, Paul
1988-04The control of pharmaceutical supplies in the Navy of the Order of St. John in MaltaCassar, Paul
1961-04The corbelled stone huts of the Maltese IslandsCassar, Paul
1980The correspondence of a Senglea merchant during the plague of 1813Cassar, Paul
1980-08-06[Correspondence]: Mediterranean fever labCassar, Paul; Sammut-Tagliaferro, A.
1972The cult and iconography of the saints Cosmas and Damian in the Maltese IslandsCassar, Paul