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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974Landmarks in the development of forensic medicine in the Maltese IslandsInternational Academy of Legal Medicine and Social Medicine; Cassar, Paul
1996-01License to sell aromatic drugs granted to a shopkeeper in 1764Cassar, Paul
1969Malta 1865 : medical background to Berkeley George Andrew MoynihanCassar, Paul
1970Malta 1865 : medical background to Berkeley George Andrew MoynihanCassar, Paul
1969Malta and its medical schoolCassar, Paul
1995-06Maltese medical authors of the 17th and 18th centuriesCassar, Paul
1952Maltese Medical Journals 1838-1952Cassar, Paul
1974The Maltese midwife in historyCassar, Paul
1999-06A manuscript of an eighteen century clinical history of the illness of a patient in MaltaCassar, Paul
1977The medical historian at workCassar, Paul
1968A medical service for slaves in Malta during the rule of the Order of St.John of JerusalemCassar, Paul
1964Medical votive offerings in the Maltese IslandsCassar, Paul
1994MedicineCassar, Paul
1971Medicine in Malta in 1800-1810Cassar, Paul
1991-03Medico social aspects of old age in Malta - the historical viewpointCassar, Paul
1989Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio- the creative psychopathCassar, Paul
1996Milestones in the evolution of pathology in MaltaCassar, Paul; University of Malta. Department of Pathology
1983-08-23Mosquitoes, Sir Ronald Ross and Sir Themistocles ZammitCassar, Paul
1972Nineteenth century street scene in VallettaCassar, Paul
1974A note on the economics of medical practice in eighteenth century MaltaCassar, Paul