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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-05-21Pasteur and MaltaCassar, Paul
1987-12Pharmaceutical journals in MaltaCassar, Paul
1989-04The pharmacist Clemente Mifsud Bonnici and his views of the Plague of 1813Cassar, Paul
1970Pharmacists and politics in Malta in the 18th and 19th centuriesCassar, Paul
1991-01Pharmacists, patients and payments in the 17th Century MaltaCassar, Paul
1986-09Physiological and pathological research at the general military hospital of Valletta, Malta, in the early nineteenth centuryCassar, Paul
1977The plagues of 1675 and of 1813 in contemporary poetryCassar, Paul
2000-12The postal services in Malta in the mid-nineteenth century : some mercantile, commercial and social aspectsCassar, Paul; Bonnici, Alfred
1996-06The practice of a surgeon in Gozo in 1813-1815Cassar, Paul
1975Pregnancy and birth in Maltese traditionCassar, Paul
1976The priest-physician in Malta and abroadCassar, Paul
1975Professor Peter Paul Debono : The man and his timesCassar, Paul
1950Psychiatric approach to the study and treatment of the adult offenderCassar, Paul
1966A psychiatrist looks at adolescenceCassar, Paul
1984Psychological pitfalls in the search for evidenceCassar, Paul
1964The quest for 'brucella melitensis' in man and in the goat: an historical retrospectCassar, Paul
1975Relics of phrenology in MaltaCassar, Paul
1962Remains of a late Medieval church at Rabat, MaltaCassar, Paul; Camilleri, Victor
1989Residential areas of medical and paramedical personnel in Valletta in the late eighteenth centuryCassar, Paul
1986-08Resuscitation of the drowned in Malta : historical echoes from the pastCassar, Paul