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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1964The quest for 'brucella melitensis' in man and in the goat: an historical retrospectCassar, Paul
1975Relics of phrenology in MaltaCassar, Paul
1962Remains of a late Medieval church at Rabat, MaltaCassar, Paul; Camilleri, Victor
1989Residential areas of medical and paramedical personnel in Valletta in the late eighteenth centuryCassar, Paul
1986-08Resuscitation of the drowned in Malta : historical echoes from the pastCassar, Paul
1990Saint Luke's Hospital : foundation and progress 1930-1990Cassar, Paul
1966Sanitary organization in Malta in 1743 : part 1Cassar, Paul
1967Sanitary organization in Malta in 1743 : part 2Cassar, Paul
1985The Schooner Meteor explosion in 1834Cassar, Paul
1974The serpent of Aesculapius, the confraternity of Ss. Cosmas and Damian and the Bishop of MaltaCassar, Paul
1994The ship-surgeon in the navy of the Order of St. John in MaltaCassar, Paul
1980Sir Temi Zammit's laboratoryMoran, Vincent; Cassar, Paul
1981Sir Themistocles Zammit and the controversy on the goat's role in the transmission of brucellosis (Mediterranean fever) 1909-1916Cassar, Paul
1971Slitting of letters for disinfection in the eighteenth century in MaltaCassar, Paul
1976Some early Maltese medico-legal documentsCassar, Paul
1983Some early X-Rays photographs taken in Malta - a postscriptCassar, Paul
1983Some early X-Rays photographs taken in Malta : a postscriptCassar, Paul
1968The study of cholera and Max von Pettenkofer`s visit to Malta in 1868Cassar, Paul
1975The study of medical historyCassar, Paul
1974Suicide in Malta : a preliminary studyMeilak, J.A.; Cassar, Paul; Grech, J.L.