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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Lectures 13 : program 3 : the great siege through Turkish eyesMalta Historical Society; Cassola, Arnold
2013Lectures 20 : program 5 : it-trilogija tal-Prof Oliver Friggieri : is-socjeta Maltija tan-nofs tas-seklu l-iehorDepartment of Maltese, University of Malta; Cassola, Arnold; Friggieri, Oliver
1995Lingua Italiana e interferenze dialettali nelle testimonianze dei Maltesi davanti all’InquisitoreCassola, Arnold
1998L’Italiano dei Francesi a Malta (1798-1800)Cassola, Arnold
1994MaltaCassola, Arnold
1994-06-14Malta Seferine Defteri : ir-registru ta' l-assedju ta' Malta (Theater program)Cassola, Arnold
1994Malta-Italija : jezikoslovni, knjizevni i kulturni odnosi od 15. stoljeca do danasCassola, Arnold
1992Malte : carrefour des cultures Arabe, Latine et Anglo-SaxonneCassola, Arnold
1990Maltese burra, borraCassola, Arnold
2020-07Maltese Romantic poetry and the yearning for self-governance and independenceCassola, Arnold
1992The Maltese toponomy in three ancient Italian portulans (1296–1490)Cassola, Arnold
1995Migration in contemporary Maltese fictionCassola, Arnold
1992A mixed orthography of the Maltese language : the Latin-Arabic alphabetCassola, Arnold
1994Neologisms and archaisms in the "regole per la lingua Maltese"Cassola, Arnold
1998Nicolo Isouard's last years in Paris : two new documentary sourcesCassola, Arnold
2008Normative studies in MaltaCassola, Arnold
2013A note on the dating of h, gh and x in MalteseCassola, Arnold; Borg, Albert; Vella, Alexandra; Caruana, Sandro
1979On Byron’s relationship with the authorities in ItalyCassola, Arnold
1983On the meaning of gueri in Petrus Caxaro's CantilenaCassola, Arnold
1990On the meaning of “enciel’d” in measure for measureCassola, Arnold