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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Neologisms and archaisms in the "regole per la lingua Maltese"Cassola, Arnold
1998Nicolo Isouard's last years in Paris : two new documentary sourcesCassola, Arnold
2008Normative studies in MaltaCassola, Arnold
2013A note on the dating of h, gh and x in MalteseCassola, Arnold; Borg, Albert; Vella, Alexandra; Caruana, Sandro
1979On Byron’s relationship with the authorities in ItalyCassola, Arnold
1983On the meaning of gueri in Petrus Caxaro's CantilenaCassola, Arnold
1990On the meaning of “enciel’d” in measure for measureCassola, Arnold
1994Primitive infancy, nature, death, religion and life beyond death in the works of two romantic poets from GozoCassola, Arnold
1985Pynchon, V., and the Malta connectionCassola, Arnold
1988Registri e stili in un testo inedito mistilingue del '700Cassola, Arnold
1990Reminiscenze palermitane nelle ultime poesie del maltese Ruzar BriffaCassola, Arnold
1993The role of dialects in Anthony Burgess's 'Abba Abba'Cassola, Arnold
2013Saverio Colombo Pluchinotta : a young Sicilian Patrician in Gozo (1890)Cassola, Arnold
1984Similarities, parallelisms and oppositions in the IV and X cantos of Dante’s InfernoCassola, Arnold
1986Sull’autore dei vv. 11-14 della Cantilena di Petrus CaxaroCassola, Arnold
2018-07-26Süleyman 1565: Malta as a stepping stone for Sicily, Italy and Europe?Cassola, Arnold
2018-10-21Süleyman the Magnificent and other Ottoman Great Siege protagonists...after MaltaCassola, Arnold
2020-05Tunisian coastal towns (1836-1844). Maltese and “Italians” in contactCassola, Arnold
1998Two notes : Brighella and Thezan; the "Cantilena", Maltese and Sicilian proverbsCassola, Arnold
1981Un sonetto inedito di Vittorio Alfieri?Cassola, Arnold