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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Primitive infancy, nature, death, religion and life beyond death in the works of two romantic poets from GozoCassola, Arnold
1995Pynchon, Malta, and WittgensteinBianchi, P.; Cassola, Arnold; Serracino Inglott, Peter
1985Pynchon, V., and the Malta connectionCassola, Arnold
1990Qawsalla : antoloġija tal-letteratura MaltijaCassola, Arnold; Degabriele, Godwin; Mifsud, Manwel; Pace, Paul; Sammut, Arthur
2008Question timeCassola, Arnold
1988Registri e stili in un testo inedito mistilingue del '700Cassola, Arnold
1988Regole per la lingua Maltese : the "nobile, pio, Cavalier Francese Thezan" and his Regole per la lingua Maltese - a long lost manuscript recoveredCassola, Arnold
1990Reminiscenze palermitane nelle ultime poesie del maltese Ruzar BriffaCassola, Arnold
1993The role of dialects in Anthony Burgess's 'Abba Abba'Cassola, Arnold
2013Saverio Colombo Pluchinotta : a young Sicilian Patrician in Gozo (1890)Cassola, Arnold
2001Sentieri verdi e new globalCassola, Arnold
2019A short note on Maltese migrants in Mahdia (1836-1844)Cassola, Arnold
1984Similarities, parallelisms and oppositions in the IV and X cantos of Dante’s InfernoCassola, Arnold
1986Sull’autore dei vv. 11-14 della Cantilena di Petrus CaxaroCassola, Arnold
2018-07-26Süleyman 1565: Malta as a stepping stone for Sicily, Italy and Europe?Cassola, Arnold
2018-10-21Süleyman the Magnificent and other Ottoman Great Siege protagonists...after MaltaCassola, Arnold
2020-05Tunisian coastal towns (1836-1844). Maltese and “Italians” in contactCassola, Arnold
2003Twenty years of European Greens, 1984-2004Cassola, Arnold; Gahrton, Per
1998Two notes : Brighella and Thezan; the "Cantilena", Maltese and Sicilian proverbsCassola, Arnold
1990Two short studiesCassola, Arnold