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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Defect in dorso-ventral patterning, asplenia, and conotruncus in a spontaneously aborted fetusCuschieri, Alfred; Said, Edith; Calleja-Agius, Jean
1975The development of the olfactory mucosa in the mouse : electron microscopyCuschieri, Alfred; Bannister, Lawrence Howard
1975The development of the olfactory mucosa in the mouse : light microscopyCuschieri, Alfred; Bannister, Lawrence Howard
2004-01-01The effects of cucurbitacin E on two lymphocyte modelsAttard, Everaldo; Cuschieri, Alfred; Scicluna-Spiteri, Anthony; Brincat, Mark P.
1974Enzyme histochemistry of the olfactory mucosa and vomeronasal organ in the mouseCuschieri, Alfred
1985The fate of phytohaemagglutinin-activated human lymphocytes following their peak proliferative activityCuschieri, Alfred; Mughal, S.; Kharbat, B.A.
1972The fine structure and enzyme histochemistry of vomeronasal receptor cellsCuschieri, Alfred; Bannister, Lawrence Howard
1976Functional anatomy of olfactory sense organsCuschieri, Alfred
1991-03Genetic factors affecting immunological responses in aging individualsCuschieri, Alfred
1973Genetics and the future of manCuschieri, Alfred
1996Immunohistochemical detection of p53 protein overexpression in breast cancer and its relation to prognosisGrixti, M.; Cuschieri, Alfred
2005-07-31Immunomodulatory activity of cucurbitacin E isolated from Ecballium elateriumAttard, Everaldo; Brincat, Mark P; Cuschieri, Alfred
2009-06-30In vitro immunomodulatory activity of various extracts of Maltese plants from the Asteraceae familyAttard, Everaldo; Cuschieri, Alfred
2005-01-01Morphological effects induced by Cucurbitacin E on ovarian cancer cells in vitroAttard, Everaldo; Cuschieri, Alfred; Brincat, Mark P.
1995New insight into genetic disease : the role of trinucleotide repeat expansionsCuschieri, Alfred
1969Results of biliary operations without operative cholangiographyWarrington, A.J.; Cuschieri, Alfred
1986-09The role of H-Y antigen in gonadal differentiation and anomalous sexual developmentCuschieri, Alfred
1998Screening for genetic diseases : what are the moral constraints?Cuschieri, Alfred
1974Some histochemical observations on the mucosubstances of the nasal glands of the mouseCuschieri, Alfred; Bannister, Lawrence Howard
1989A survey of chromosome anomalies in MaltaCuschieri, Alfred; Gauci, Sandra