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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A case for cross-border governance? a comparative trend assessment of COVID-19 transmission, vaccination, and outcomes among 35 nations in Europe across 18 monthsCuschieri, Sarah; Cuschieri, Andrea; Farrugia, Elysia; Diacono, Emily; Balzan, Elaine; Grupetta, Miguel; Vella, Alessia; Cutajar, Catriona; Formosa, Martina; Barbara, Matthias; Mintoff, Franziska; Shaw, Conor; Fleri-Soler, Samuel; Borg, Norbert; Pace, Gillian; Vella, Lauren; Pisani, Robert; Attard Mallia, Tamara; Gouder, Mattea; Attard, Rosie; Grixti, Nicole; Scicluna, Mark; Borda, Timothy; Bartolo, Katya; Chircop, Ruben; Degabrielle-Ferrante, Etienne; Mallia, Mariah; Attard, Miguel; Frendo, Naomi; Gatt, Gianluca; Damato, Greta; Riolo, Nicole; Muscat-Baron, Lorna; Galea, Matteo; Grech, Elizabeth
2021Climate change, obesity, and COVID-19 - global crises with catastrophic consequences. Is this the future?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Elizabeth; Cuschieri, Andrea
2022The COVID-19 tale of the six European microstates : how did these “overlooked” microstates fare?Cuschieri, Sarah; Attard Mallia, Tamara; Piscopo, Elaine; Pace, Anneka; Chatlani, Daniela; Mifsud, Karl; Mifsud, Nicole; Vella, Jake; Cuschieri, Andrea
1968Il-bniedem gej mix-xadina?Cuschieri, Andrea
1968Marija omm il-bnedmin bis-sahha ta' Eva?Cuschieri, Andrea
2021Medical students’ perceptions on research : results from a small European island stateCuschieri, Andrea; Cuschieri, Sarah
2022An observational study of the Covid-19 situation following the first pan-European mass sports eventCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan; Cuschieri, Andrea
2022Sella turcica bridging : a systematic reviewCuschieri, Andrea; Cuschieri, Sarah; Zammit, Christian
2020Wnt/PCP signalling cascade disruption by JNK inhibition as a potential mechanism underlying the teratogenic effects of potato glycoalkaloidsCuschieri, Andrea; Calleja-Agius, Jean
1969X'hawn fid-dinja ghajr il-ghawg, il-gwaj u d-dulur?Cuschieri, Andrea