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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Law and religion in Bruno’s Spaccio de la bestia trionfante and Campanella’s L’Ateismo trionfatoDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2008Lectures 11 : program 9 : Santu Wistin fir-rinaxximent : minn utopja ghar-realta'Augustinian Institute; De Lucca, Jean-Paul
2012Lectures 19 : program 4 : at loggerheads or in dovetails? : the individual and the state from early modern jurisprudence to contemporary international jurisprudenceWorks in Progress Seminars Series; De Lucca, Jean-Paul
2013Leibniz on learning and teaching the science of lawDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2018Letters, networks, and revolutionsDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2005Looking at history : an analysis of the contemporary debate with particular reference to the question of objectivityDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2004Onda su onda : programs 1-15De Lucca, Jean-Paul; Morbiducci, Marina
2014-12PLASDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2018Presentazione [Foreword]De Lucca, Jean-Paul
2009Prophetic representation and political allegorisation : the hospitaller in Campanella’s The City of The SunDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2016Review of David Martinez Perucha, La traduccion del orden natural al ambito humano. El pensamiento politico de Tommaso CampanellaDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2015Review of Francisco Suarez, De legibus - liber tertius / Uber die Gesteze - Drittes Buch, teil IDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2016Review of Jean-Louis Fournel, La cite du soleil et les territoires des hommes : le savoir du monde chez CampanellaDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2011Review of Paul Richard Blum, Philosophy of religion in the renaissanceDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2016Review of Tommaso Campanella, Due opuscoli teologici. De conceptione beatae Virginis. De praecedentia praesertim religiosorumDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2008Seeking and enduring : Campanella's intellectual autobiography. Essay review of T. Campanella, De libris propriis et de recta ratione studendi syntagma / Sintagma dei miei libri e del corretto modo di apprendereDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2018The Siege of Malta and its protagonists in Giano Pelusio’s poetryDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2009Stoking embers, unfolding beliefs : struggling for meaning beyond the numbersDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2009Stu Wistin fir-Rinaxximent : bejn utopja u realtàDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2012Suarez resurgitur : adapting the early modern jus gentium in contemporary international jurisprudenceDe Lucca, Jean-Paul