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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017‘Centred in self yet not unpleased to please’ the arts of political leadership in post-colonial Malta (1964-1979)DeBattista, André P.
2012Dom Mintoff and Eddie Fenech Adami : portraits of persuasion and charismaDeBattista, André P.
2020Editorial note : gratis et amorisDeBattista, André P.; Farrugia, Jonathan; Scerri, Hector
2020Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem’ - John Henry Newman u l-Oxford MovementDeBattista, André P.
2019Il-Papa Piju XII u d-domma tal-assunta u r-reazzjoni f'MaltaDeBattista, André P.
2020Ir-Reliġjon u d-dinja ta’ wara l-Gwerra l-Kbira : il-kuntest politiko-reliġjuż tas-sehem tal-Knisja fis-‘Sette Giugno’DeBattista, André P.
2019-07-25A legacy that lives onDeBattista, André P.
2018Mabel Strickland : il-battalji politiċi, it-twemmin politiku u l-kuntest tagħhomDeBattista, André P.
2020The ‘mighty pen’ as a political tool : some insights from the writings of Dom MintoffDeBattista, André P.
2016‘Playing one side against the other’ - Malta’s foreign relations in the age of détente (1969-1979)DeBattista, André P.
2017Politika fil-letteratura : programs 1-17Vassallo, Mario Thomas; DeBattista, André P.
2017Riformatur, demokristjan u ewropejista : il-ħajja politika ta’ Eddie Fenech AdamiDeBattista, André P.
2016A small-island state within a changing security climate : the case of MaltaDeBattista, André P.