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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Chemical characterisation of Maltese propolis in relation to botanical sourcesCutajar, Simone; Farrugia, Claude; Mifsud, David; Popova, Milena; Antonova, Daniela; Bankova, Vassya
2014Chromatographic and degradation studies of Frangula emodinBorg, Deborah Anne; Farrugia, Claude
2010A chromatographic determination of the stability of solutions of amlodipine benazepril and amlodipine besilateAbela, Daniela; Schembri, Oliver; Farrugia, Claude
1998Comparison of the molecular weight distribution of gelatin fractions by size-exclusion chromatography and light scatteringFarrugia, Claude; Farrugia, Isabelle V.; Groves, Michael J.
2005Controlled temperature storage of medicinalsFarrugia, Claude
2011Core-shell particle column performance in acetylsalicylic acid related substances testing by rapid resolution liquid chromatographyCassar, Christine; Frey, Hans Helmut; Farrugia, Claude
2014A correlation of physicochemical properties of selected medicinal compounds to their anatomical therapeutic chemical classificationFenech, Maria; Farrugia, Claude
2015Determination of antioxidant activity of olive oil phenolic extractsLia, Frederick; Farrugia, Claude; Zammit-Mangion, Marion
2016Determination of the efficacy of ultrasound combined with essential oils on the decontamination of Salmonella inoculated lettuce leavesMillan-Sango, David; Garroni, E.; Farrugia, Claude; Van Impe, Jan F. M.; Valdramidis, Vasilis
2016Development and validation of HPLC-PDA assay method of frangula emodinDuca, Deborah; Farrugia, Claude
2016Development of a single optimized method for the HPLC analysis of angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) antagonistsCauchi, Gustaf; Farrugia, Claude
2011The effect of micro-organisms on ghost peaks in a reversed phase HPLC systemAzzopardi, Yannis; Frey, Hans Helmut; Farrugia, Claude
2011The effect of particle size on the intrinsic dissolution of acetylsalicylic acidDarmanin, Kristina; Frey, Hans Helmut; Farrugia, Claude
2002The effect of sodium chloride on ethanolic fractionation of dilute gelatin solutionsAquilina, A.; Farrugia, Claude; Sinagra, Emmanuel
2006The effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate on the ethanolic fractionation of dilute gelatin solutionsStorm, J.; Farrugia, Claude; Sinagra, Emmanuel
2015The effect of turmeric (curcumin) supplementation on cytokine and inflammatory marker responses following 2 hours of endurance cyclingSciberras, Joseph N.; Galloway, Stuart D. R.; Fenech, Anthony G.; Grech, Godfrey; Farrugia, Claude; Duca, Deborah; Mifsud, Janet
2013EIPG elects a new President : Martini passes the baton to PaccioniFarrugia, Claude
2012Expression, purification and characterisation of human copper-zinc superoxide dismutase protein and human-escherichia coli copper-zinc superoxide dismutase chimeric proteinGrixti, Justine May; Farrugia, Claude; Hunter, Gary J.; Hunter, Therese
2002Flow-through dissolution testing : a comparison with stirred beaker methodsFarrugia, Claude
1999Gelatin behaviour in dilute aqueous solution : designing a nanoparticulate formulationFarrugia, Claude; Groves, Michael J.