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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Identification of the plant origin of the botanical biomarkers of Mediterranean type propolisPopova, Milena; Trusheva, Boryana; Cutajar, Simone; Antonova, Daniela; Mifsud, David; Farrugia, Claude; Bankova, Vassya
2010Influence of adsorption during grinding on the analytical quantification of active ingredients in medicinal productsScerri, Lara; Saliba, Omar; Farrugia, Claude
2016Influence of pH and gelatin concentration on the size and zeta potential of gelatin colloidal dispersionsMallia, Lothar; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2010The influence of pH, temperature and salt on the ethanolic desolvation of dilute cold water fish skin gelatin from aqueous solutionSinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude; Schembri, M. G.
2008The influence of pH, temperature and salt on the ethanolic desolvation of dilute gelatin solutionsCortis, R.; Farrugia, Claude; Sinagra, Emmanuel
2015The journey and the goalFarrugia, Claude
2012Method development studies on the HPLC analysis of candesartan cilexetil using a core-shell columnFarrugia, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2017Newton’s laws, Einstein’s theory or just plain science?Farrugia, Claude
2011Optimisation of sample preparation in the particle-size characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients by laser diffractionEllul, Maria; Schembri, Oliver; Farrugia, Claude
2015A patient in every boxPaccioni, Jean-Pierre; Farrugia, Claude
2011Physicochemical aspects of the higher order structure of gelatin in dilute aqueous solutionAquilina, A.; Aquilina, S.; Cortis, R.; Farrugia, Claude; Sinagra, Emmanuel
2012Physicochemical parameters as a predictive tool for optimum dispersion of active pharmaceutical ingredientsEllul, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2012Physicochemical properties of ciprofloxacin formulationsMagro, Karl; Farrugia, Claude
2015Physicochemical properties of dispersions of clozapine, 4-acetamidophenol and venlafaxine hydrochloride in hydrophobic mediaAttard, Jessica; Ellul, Maria; Farrugia, Claude
2017Physicochemical properties of medicinal compounds in the World Health Organisation’s anatomical therapeutic chemical classificationPace, Francesca; Lia, Frederick; Farrugia, Claude
2004Potentiometric studies on gelatin solutions and gelatin nanoparticle dispersionsBlei, C.; Mifsud, J.; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2008A preliminary investigation of ghost peaks in a reversed-phase gradient HPLC systemMicallef, M.; Frey, Hans Helmut; Farrugia, Claude
2016The price is right?Farrugia, Claude
2009Pricing of medicinal products : considerations in a small market stateFarrugia, Claude; Savvas, Kiriasis
2014Quality by design optimisation of active pharmaceutical ingredient dispersions based on physicochemical parametersEllul, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude