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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The notary in Maltese late medieval societyFiorini, Stanley
1990A note on evidence for LL>DD in Maltese onomasticsFiorini, Stanley
1997On the characteristic polynomial of homeomorphic images of a graphSciriha, Irene; Fiorini, Stanley
1989A prescriptions list of 1546Fiorini, Stanley
2016Reactions to Tristia ex Melitogaudo : a responseFiorini, Stanley; Vella, Horatio Caesar Roger
1986The resettlement of Gozo after 1551Fiorini, Stanley
2013'Santa Marija' fit-tradizzjoni reliġjuża MaltijaFiorini, Stanley
1999Sibilla d'Aragona and the foundation of the Saqqajja benefice on GozoFiorini, Stanley
1988Sicilian connexions of some medieval Maltese surnamesFiorini, Stanley
2003Social aspects of Siggiewi : 1530-1798Fiorini, Stanley
2014The south east of Malta and its defence up to 1614Fiorini, Stanley
2013Spanish influence in late medieval MaltaFiorini, Stanley
2015St Lawrence of Birgu before 1530Fiorini, Stanley
1983Status animarum I: A unique source for 17th and 18th century Maltese demographyFiorini, Stanley
1986A survey of Maltese nicknames I : the nicknames of Naxxar, 1832Fiorini, Stanley
2005Trees with maximum nullityFiorini, Stanley; Gutman, Ivan; Sciriha, Irene
2013The triple strand of the Liturgical tradition of the Church in Malta : Byzantine, Roman, Gallican RitesFiorini, Stanley
2004An upper bound for the nullity of trees and edge-colouringsFiorini, Stanley
1999Ut Vulgo Dicitur Pre-1600 materials for a documented Etymology of MalteseFiorini, Stanley
2012Ħad-Dingli fis-seklu XVFiorini, Stanley