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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Chapter 4 : AgeingFormosa, Marvin
2016Chapter 7 : Social classBrown, Maria; Formosa, Marvin
2009Class dynamics in later life : older persons, class identity and class actionFormosa, Marvin
2013Creativity in later life : possibilities for personal empowermentFormosa, Marvin; Hansen, Anna; Kling, Sofia; Sraml Gonzalez, Jakoba
2011Critical educational gerontology : a third statement of first principlesFormosa, Marvin
2012Critical geragogy : situating theory in practiceFormosa, Marvin
2002Critical gerogogy : developing practical possibilities for critical educational gerontologyFormosa, Marvin
2013Digital exclusion in later life : a Maltese case-studyFormosa, Marvin
2014Discussion and conclusionFragoso, Antonio; Formosa, Marvin
2012Education and older adults at the University of the Third AgeFormosa, Marvin
1998Education and the elderlyFormosa, Marvin
2012Education for older adults in Malta : current trends and future visionsFormosa, Marvin
2012European Union policy on older adult learning : a critical commentaryFormosa, Marvin
2015-08`Everyone is a winner, help is just a push of a button away. . . ' : the Telecare Plus service in MaltaFormosa, Marvin
2000Exposing ageismFormosa, Marvin
2005Feminism and critical educational gerontology : an agenda for good practiceFormosa, Marvin
2013Four decades of Universities of the Third Age : past, present, and futureFormosa, Marvin
2009The future for older workers : new perspectivesFormosa, Marvin
2002Homage to Pierre BourdieuSabour, M'hammed; Formosa, Marvin
2012The Labour party and Maltese ageing policy : past, present and futureFormosa, Marvin; Chirchop, John