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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The participation of Maltese older people in the voluntary sectorFormosa, Marvin
2012Perspectives on care at home for older peopleFormosa, Marvin
2005Perspectives on lifelong learning in the MediterraneanFormosa, Marvin
2013Policies for older adult learning : the case of the European UnionFormosa, Marvin; Field, John; Burke, Ronald; Cooper, Cary
2009Population agingFormosa, Marvin
2013Population trends and ageing policy in MaltaFormosa, Marvin
2013Positive ageing in an age of neo-liberalism: old wine in new bottles?Formosa, Marvin; Kriebernegg, Ulla; Maierhofer, Roberta
2009Renewing Universities of the Third Age : challenges and visions for the futureFormosa, Marvin
2011Rethinking empowerment : postmodern appraisals of critical educational gerontologyFormosa, Marvin
2010Social and cultural implicationsFormosa, Marvin
2015Social class in later life : Power, identity and lifestyleFormosa, Marvin; Higgs, Paul
2014Social class structure and identity in later lifeFormosa, Marvin
2011Social exclusion in later life : a Maltese case-studyFormosa, Marvin
2014Socio-economic implications of population ageing in Malta : risks and opportunitiesFormosa, Marvin
2015Supporting and mentoring mature learners : a 'train-the-trainer' programme for facilitators of ICT learning for older adultsFormosa, Marvin
2006Supporting family carers of older people in Europe : the national background report for MaltaTroisi, Joseph; Formosa, Marvin
2010Sustainable developmentFormosa, Marvin
2010Sustainable development strategy : Dingli 2020Formosa, Marvin
2002A tribute to BourdieuFormosa, Marvin
2010Universities of the Third Age : a rationale for transformative education in later lifeFormosa, Marvin