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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006National mapping on a small island : geographical information and cartographic development in MaltaValentino, Carol; Formosa, Saviour
2013National mapping survey of indoor radon levels in the Maltese Islands (2010-2011)Baluci, Christine; Vincenti, Karen; Tilluck, Bhikha; Conchin, Stephen; Formosa, Saviour; Grech, Dorianne
2014Neogeography and preparedness for real-to-virtual world knowledge transfer : conceptual steps to Minecraft MaltaFormosa, Saviour
2013One small state's preparation for climate change : building an integrated socio-technic informational infrastructureCalleja, Eman; Formosa, Saviour; Briguglio, Lino; Formosa Pace, Janice; Moncada, Stefano
2017Patient dilemmas in fast-tracking technological changeFormosa, Saviour
2002-08Physical background, demography, tourism, mineral resources and land-useMallia, Adrian; Briguglio, Marie; Ellul, Anthony E.; Formosa, Saviour
2013-07Policewomen and the policing of domestic violence in the centre of the MediterraneanAzzopardi, Jacqueline; Scicluna, Sandra; Formosa Pace, Janice; Formosa, Saviour
1998Population, tourism, land-use and non-renewable resourcesMallia, Adrian; Briguglio, Marie; Ellul, Anthony E.; Formosa, Saviour
2011The research road we make : statistics for the uninitiatedFormosa, Saviour; Scicluna, Sandra; Azzopardi, Jacqueline; Formosa Pace, Janice; Calafato, Trevor
2015-12Rising waters : integrating national datasets for the visualisation of diminishing spatial entitiesFormosa, Saviour
2012Routes : fabric VallettaAzzopardi, Andrew; Azzopardi, Jacqueline; Formosa, Saviour; Scicluna, Sandra; Betts, John Charles; Briguglio, Marie; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2015Saints, revelers and offenders : relationships in Festa space-timeFormosa, Saviour
2017Sensing the SIntegraM : a two-decadal endeavour for spatial data harmonisation and governanceFormosa, Saviour
2011Sharing integrated spatial and thematic data : the CRISOLA case for Malta and the European project Plan4all processFormosa, Saviour; Magri, Vincent; Neuschmid, Julia; Schrenk, Manfred
2012Soaring spaces : the development of an integrated terrestrial and bathymetric information system for the Maltese IslandsFormosa, Saviour
2012-12A socio-technic enterprise : securing the spatial environmentFormosa, Saviour; Sciberras, Elaine; Formosa Pace, Janice
2014Spatial conceptualisation as a foundation for social interactionism in virtual worldsFormosa, Saviour
2012Spatial preparedness for green criminologyFormosa, Saviour
2012Use of the INSPIRE EF data specifications to develop the SEIS-Malta geodatabase for the air quality data managementMartirano, Giacomo; Bonazountas, Marc; Formosa, Saviour; Nolle, Michael; Sciberras, Elaine; Vinci, F.
2015Visualizing visualisation : spatial conceptualisation as a stepping stone in the transition of real-virtual world interactionismFormosa, Saviour