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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994National identityFrendo, Henry
1991The nationalist struggle against Strickland’s administration 1899-1902Frendo, Henry
1998The naughty European twins of empire : the constitutional breakdown in Malta and Cyprus 1930-1933Frendo, Henry
2009Nerik Mizzi : the formative yearsFrendo, Henry
1991Old wine in new bottles : political parties and the grant of responsible governmentFrendo, Henry
2000The origins of Maltese statehood : a case study of decolonization in the MediterraneanFrendo, Henry
1991Party politics under representative government 1888-1898Frendo, Henry
2002Ports, ships and money : the origins of corporate banking in VallettaFrendo, Henry
1989Post-war Malta : the dependence – independence syndromeFrendo, Henry
1998The post-war treason trialsFrendo, Henry
2015Preface : on resuscitating a history journalFrendo, Henry
2008Pressures on assumed identity at the border : Malta in Europe, Empire and MediterraneanFrendo, Henry
1988The Pretoria Complex : some sad truths about MozambiqueFrendo, Henry
1988Religion and ethnic identity in the Maltese Australian communityFrendo, Henry
1991The rise of Maltese nationalism 1880-1888Frendo, Henry
1993Self identity in small states : the 'British' MediterraneanFrendo, Henry
1978Spiro Mizzi : il-karriera twila ta' l-industrijalista numru wiehed ta' MaltaFrendo, Henry
1998Storja '98Frendo, Henry
1996Storja 1996Frendo, Henry
2001Storja 2001Frendo, Henry