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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Fan-tailed warbler attacking a weaselGalea, Raymond
1999First breeding record of Little bittern Ixobrychus minutusGalea, Raymond
2002First breeding record of Rufous nightingale Luscinia megarhynchosGalea, Raymond
1995First breeding records of Tawny pipit Anthus campestrisGalea, Raymond; Coleiro, Charles
1995First breeding records of the Starling Sturnus vulgarisGalea, Raymond
2010First record of the Balearic shearwater Puffinus mauretanicus in the Maltese IslandsGalea, Raymond; Coleiro, Charles
1995First spring records of the Red-breasted flycatcher Ficedula parvaGalea, Raymond
2010Five new breeding bird species for the Maltese IslandsGalea, Raymond; Galea, Nicholas
1988Id-DurrajsaGalea, Raymond
1992Il-Baghal ta’ l-GholliqGalea, Raymond
1989Il-Baghal ta’ l-ImrewhaGalea, Raymond
1985Il-MonakellGalea, Raymond
2005Intervertebral disc height in treated and untreated overweight post-menopausal womenMuscat Baron, Yves; Brincat, Mark P.; Galea, Raymond; Calleja, Neville
2002Irruption of Common crossbill Loxia curvirostra during 1990Galea, Raymond
1986Iz-Zanzarell tat-tikkiGalea, Raymond
2010Lanius hybrid ringed on Comino islandHaber, Gilbert; Galea, Raymond
2007Linkage to chromosome 11p12 in two Maltese families with a highly penetrant form of osteoporosisVidal, Christopher; Galea, Raymond; Brincat, Mark P.; Xuereb-Anastasi, Angela
2002A linnet's Carduelis cannabina nest on GozoGalea, Raymond
2007Low intervertebral disc height in postmenopausal women with osteoporotic vertebral fractures compared to hormone-treated and untreated postmenopausal women and premenopausal women without fracturesMuscat Baron, Yves; Brincat, Mark P.; Galea, Raymond; Calleja, Neville
1988A pair of Swallows Hirundo rustica suspected breeding in June 1988Galea, Raymond; Caruana, Raymond