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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04The Camp Nachrichten published by the prisoners of war in Malta in 1914-1916Ganado, Albert
1982Description of an early Venetian sixteenth century collection of maps at the Casanatense Library in RomeGanado, Albert
2019-09-07The Dominican Father Osman in Malta. An Ottoman prince?Ganado, Albert
2016-04The farthing negative mark of the 1920sGanado, Albert
2019-05-19Francesco Galea, the first Maltese photographerGanado, Albert
2009Ic-citrata ta' ZerrekGanado, Albert
2015Il-versi ta' Richard Taylor fuq l-incident tal-karnival tal-1846Ganado, Albert
2018-03-11John Watson's 'Belvedere' and the Malta Protestant CollegeGanado, Albert
1947Judge Giovanni PullicinoGanado, Albert
2011L-inkjesta dwar il-waqgha tal-kopla tal-Knisja ta' San Pawl, fir-Rabat, Malta, fl-1924.Ganado, Albert
2006Lectures 4 : program 16 : the Felic Cutajar manuscript map of 1883Malta Historical Society; Ganado, Albert
2007The map of Johannes Quintinus Haeduus and its derivativesGanado, Albert
2009-08The Melita 3d POSTAGE inverted : politics embroil philatelyGanado, Albert
2018-10-28More about the Main GuardGanado, Albert
1986The pre-siege maps of Malta 1536-1563Agius-Vadala, Maurice; Ganado, Albert
2018-05-27A rare publication by Grand Master Hompesch's head of secretariatGanado, Albert
2012The Representative Government Constitution of 1887Ganado, Albert
1979Two more documents of 1813 written on wood during the plague of MaltaCassar, Paul; Ganado, Albert
2020-11-15An unknown prestigious house in Valletta - part 1Ganado, Albert
2020-11-22An unknown prestigious house in Valletta - part 2Ganado, Albert