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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The role of graduality for referring expression generation in visual scenesGatt, Albert; Marin, Nicolas; Portet, Francois; Sanchez, Daniel
2005Semantic similarity and the generation of referring expressions : a first reportGatt, Albert; van Deemter, Kees
2009SimpleNLG : a realisation engine for practical applicationsGatt, Albert; Reiter, Ehud
2018Smart search for Maltese legal professionalsCamilleri, Cassi; Gatt, Albert; Pace, Gordon J.
2006Structuring knowledge for reference generation : a clustering algorithmGatt, Albert
2008Summarising complex ICU data in natural languageHunter, James; Freer, Yvonne; Gatt, Albert; Logie, Robert; McIntosh, Neil; van der Meulen, Marian; Portet, Francois; Reiter, Ehud; Sripada, Somayajulu; Sykes, Cindy
2017Survey of the state of the art in natural language generation : core tasks, applications and evaluationGatt, Albert; Krahmer, Emiel
2009Text content and task performance in the evaluation of a natural language generation systemGatt, Albert; Portet, Francois
2010Textual properties and task based evaluation : investigating the role of surface properties, structure and contentGatt, Albert; Portet, Francois
2008Towards a balanced corpus of multimodal referring expressions in dialoguevan der Sluis, Ielka; Piwek, Paul; Gatt, Albert; Bangerter, Adrian
2012Towards a computational psycholinguistics of reference productionvan Deemter, Kees; Gatt, Albert; van Gompel, Roger P. G.; Krahmer, Emiel
2009Towards a possibility-theoretic approach to uncertainty in medical data interpretation for text generationPortet, Francois; Gatt, Albert
2008The TUNA challenge 2008 : overview and evaluation resultsGatt, Albert; Belz, Anja; Kow, Eric
2009The TUNA-REG challenge 2009 : overview and evaluation resultsGatt, Albert; Belz, Anja; Kow, Eric
2008Using natural language generation technology to improve information flows in intensive care unitsHunter, James; Gatt, Albert; Portet, Francois; Reiter, Ehud; Sripada, Somayajulu
2016Viewing time affects overspecification : evidence for two strategies of attribute selection during reference productionKoolen, Ruud; Gatt, Albert; van Gompel, Roger P. G.; Krahmer, Emiel; van Deemter, Kees
2013What and where : an empirical investigation of pointing gestures and descriptions in multimodal referring actionsGatt, Albert; Paggio, Patrizia
2011What is in a text and what does it do : qualitative evaluations of an NLG system – the BT-Nurse – using content analysis and discourse analysisSambaraju, Rahul; Reiter, Ehud; Logie, Robert; McKinlay, Andy; McVittie, Chris; Gatt, Albert; Sykes, Cindy
2017What is the role of recurrent neural networks (RNNs) in an image caption generator?Tanti, Marc; Gatt, Albert; Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2017Where to put the image in an image caption generatorTanti, Marc; Gatt, Albert; Camilleri, Kenneth P.