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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011If it may have happened before, it happened, but not necessarily beforeGatt, Albert; Portet, Francois
2008The importance of narrative and other lessons from an evaluation of an NLG system that summarises clinical dataReiter, Ehud; Gatt, Albert; Portet, Francois; van der Meulen, Marian
2006In pursuit of satisfaction and the prevention of embarrassment : affective state in group recommender systemsMasthoff, Judith; Gatt, Albert
2012Incorporating an error corpus into a spellchecker for MalteseRosner, Mike; Gatt, Albert; Joachimsen, Jan; Attard, Andrew
2007Incremental generation of plural descriptions : similarity and partitioningGatt, Albert; van Deemter, Kees
2016Integrating natural language and formal analysis for legal documentsAzzopardi, Shaun; Gatt, Albert; Pace, Gordon J.
2015An intelligent contract editorAzzopardi, Shaun; Pace, Gordon J.; Gatt, Albert
2008Intrinsic vs. extrinsic evaluation measures for referring expression generationBelz, Anja; Gatt, Albert
2010Introducing shared task evaluation to NLG : the TUNA shared task evaluation challengesGatt, Albert; Belz, Anja
2015Italian tag questions and their conversational functionsTomaselli, Maria Vittoria; Gatt, Albert
2018Lab to life : smart search for Maltese legal professionalsGatt, Albert; Pace, Gordon J.
2017Laboratorju tal-lingwi : il-Malti, it-teknologija u l-mezzi socjaliGatt, Albert
2017Laboratorju tal-lingwi : Il-Malti, it-teknologija u l-mezzi socjaliGatt, Albert
2017LCT-MALTAs submission to RepEval 2017 shared taskTrong Vu, Hoa; Pham, Thuong-Hai; Bai, Xiaoyu; Tanti, Marc; van der Plas, Lonneke; Gatt, Albert
2009Le projet BabyTalk : generation de texte a partir de donnees heterogenes pour la prise de decision en unite neonatalePortet, Francois; Gatt, Albert; Hunter, Jim; Reiter, Ehud; Sripada, Somayajulu
2014Learning when to point : a data-driven approachGatt, Albert; Paggio, Patrizia
2007Lexical choice and conceptual perspective in the generation of plural referring expressionsGatt, Albert; van Deemter, Kees
2020-05MASRI-HEADSET : a Maltese corpus for speech recognitionHernandez Mena, Carlos Daniel; Gatt, Albert; DeMarco, Andrea; Borg, Claudia; Van der Plas, Lonneke; Muscat, Amanda; Padovani, Ian
2006MLRS : a resource server for the Maltese languageRosner, Mike; Fabri, Ray; Attard, Duncan; Gatt, Albert
2014Models and empirical data for the production of referring expressionsGatt, Albert; Krahmer, Emiel; van Deemter, Kees; van Gompel, Roger P. G.