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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Legal developments and problems of the Bologna process within the European higher education area and European integrationCippitani, Roberto; Gatt, Suzanne
2010De los actos comunicativos de poder a los actos comunicativos dialogicos en las aulas organizadas en grupos interactivosOliver, Esther; Gatt, Suzanne
2010Mead’s contributions to learner’s identitiesGatt, Suzanne; Molina, Silvia; Puigdellivol, Ignasi
2009Networking school teachers to promote better practice in the teaching of science across EuropeGatt, Suzanne; Pereira Cunha Martins Costa, Manuel Filpe
2007Peer learning in primary school science : theoretical perspectives and implications for classroom practiceThurston, Allen; van de Keere, Kristof; Kosack, Walter; Gatt, Suzanne; Marchal, Jean; Mestdagh, Nele; Schmeinck, Daniela; Sidor, W.; Donnert, K.; Topping, Keith J.
2011Placing immigrant and minority family and community members at the school's centre : the role of community participationGatt, Suzanne; Racionero, Sandra; Diez, Francisco Javier
2014Pri-Sci-Net - a project promoting inquiry-based learning in primary science : experiences of young children inquiringGatt, Suzanne; Armeni, Laura Sue
2014Pri-Sci-Net - an FP7 EU funded project promoting inquiry-based learning in science at primary level of educationGatt, Suzanne; Scheersoi, Annette; Koursis, Demetris
2000Problem-solving in primary scienceGatt, Suzanne
2011Promoting social inclusion counting with everyone : learning communities and INCLUD-EDGatt, Suzanne; Ojala, Mikko; Soler, Marta
2010The role of the community in enhancing learningGatt, Suzanne
2003School differences in physics examinations for grammar type schools in MaltaGatt, Suzanne
2003School differences in physics examinations for grammar type schools in MaltaGatt, Suzanne
2006The school to work transition of young people in Malta : results of a study among young people looking for workGatt, Suzanne; Gatt, Kevin
1997-12Science at primary levelGatt, Suzanne
2000Science education around the worldGatt, Suzanne
2013Science education in Europe : pedagogical challengesGatt, Suzanne; Armeni, Laura Sue
2000Science education in MaltaGatt, Suzanne
2006Scientific literacy and citizenshipGatt, Suzanne
2018Systems of Knowledge : strategies in challenging the current perceptions through improvement of lecturing strategiesGatt, Suzanne