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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Purple sandpiper Calidris maritima a new species to the list of birds of MaltaSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1980Report on bird ringing for 1977 and 1978Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1977Report on bird-ringing for 1975 and 1976Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1980A review of the Rough-legged buzzard's recordsSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1975Ringing group report for 1973Cutajar, Dominic; Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1971Ringing report 1967-70 and recoveries in Malta of birds ringed abroadSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1999Ringing report 1994-1996Gauci, Charles; Gauci, Mark; Sultana, Joe
1983Ringing Report for 1979-81Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1985Ringing report for 1982 & 1983Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1987Ringing report for 1984-85Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1988Ringing report for 1986-87Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1989Ringing report for 1988Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1992Ringing report for 1989Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1995Ringing report for 1990-93Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles; Gauci, Mark
1983Some notes on breeding species for 1982Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1992Some notes on the Penduline tit Remiz pendulinus and its occurrence in MaltaAttard Montalto, John; Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1970Some notes on the White wagtailSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1988Studju u osservazzjoni ta’ l-aghsafar fir-Riserva ta’ l-GhadiraGauci, Charles
1971Systematic list 1967-1970Gauci, Charles; Sultana, Joe
2010Systematic list 2000-2005Bonavia, Edward; Borg, John J.; Coleiro, Charles; Gauci, Charles; Johnson, Matt; Raine, Andre; Sultana, Joe